Resting in Salem

Salem, Oregon
March 7, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

I had a slight break in the weather, so I bolted from Seattle in mid-morning.

The ride South on Highway 5 was bearable most of the way. I turned West on Highway 12, hoping to make it to Highway 101 so I could ride South along the coast. That didn’t work out so well. I ran into heavy rain squalls as I neared the coast, and they drove me back to Highway 5. The trip down Highway 5 to Salem was near perfect.

I am now feeling very comfortable with the feel and ride of my bike and sidecar. So comfortable that I donned my ear phones and i-Pod music and was riding in the fast lanes. The rocking and rolling and steering aren’t a problem anymore.

My plan is to ride to Eugene, Oregon tomorrow and salute the Ducks, as ordered by my friend, John Dahlem. Then, I will ride west on Highway 38 to the coast so I can enjoy those fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.


Best Western Hotel in Salem, Oregon



6 thoughts on “Resting in Salem

  1. Looking great Bill. Rained in OC last night, but sunny this morn.
    The bike/sidecar look fantastic. Wondering if the sidecar is detachable or permanently affix.
    Have a great trip down our coast.
    ACLA #1163

    1. Kevin:

      The sidecar ia a permanent fixture. Liberty Motors had to modify the front fork to change the angle that the tire hits the road. It can be changed back if the sidecar is removed, but only by a professional.

      Thanks for the inquiry.


  2. Howdy! We were in Salem in September (seems like more recent than that!) My Mother and my Aunt grew up there… great little captiol town in Oregon. My cousin has a little home for the summers in Dallas, not far from Salem.
    safe travels to you …. 🙂

  3. Your refurbished motorcycle gives a new meaning to “hot wheels”. Reedsport, Coos Bay, Bandon, Cape Blanco, Brookings–great places to visit. There is a good Mexican Restaurant in Crescent City on the main drag–east side of the street. Pictures are great.


  4. Dear Bill,
    Your pictures are awesome. I am so happy to hear that you are comfortable with the sidecar now.

    I will be even happier to hear about your cruise with Sharon. That is one I want to do one of these days. God’s Speed.

    Love & Hugs, Betty

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