On The Coast

Coos Bay, Oregon
March 8, 2013

The ride from Salem to Coos Bay was really fun, especially the traverse from Eugene to the coast. The morning ride to Eugene was free of rain, but was very cold. The traverse from Eugene to Coos Bay proceeds over the mountains to Highway 101, very scenic and beautiful. I know I am taking a weather risk riding along the Pacific Coast, rather than Highway 5, but the ride down the coast is breathtaking.

I am now completely comfortable with the ride of the bike and sidecar. For the first time today, I was even able to steer with just one hand.

I stopped in Eugene to salute the Ducks in order to keep my Everest summit friend, John Dahlem, happy.

Go Ducks!! Are you happy, John?
Go Ducks!! Are you happy, John?

I have a special place in my heart for the University of Oregon. My Mom, who was an Angel on earth, applied to the University of Oregon when she graduated from high school in Long Beach, California. She told me she felt a little guilty when she applied because she knew, if she was accepted, she could not attend because, as she said, “I didn’t have two pennies to rub together.” She was accepted but could not attend any college. During one of our family trips to Eugene, we brought my Mom with us and I took this photo:

GG in front of her "would be" alma mater
GG in front of her “would be” alma mater

We love you and miss you Mom.

Tomorrow, I plan a leisurely ride down the coast, with no particular destination in mind.



10 thoughts on “On The Coast

  1. I’m familiar with the Coos Bay area. Manny & I lived in North Bend and ran a martial arts school in Coos Bay for a while. We loved spending time by the Oregon coast. You’re right about it being very scenic and beautiful!
    Enjoy the breathtaking coastal scenery & be safe!

  2. Bill…wonderful story on your Mom and the University of Oregon…love the photo of you and also her photo…fantastic. Glad the weather has been somewhat better and I know how beautiful that coast hiway is…drive safely and I am sure you are staying in some neat places…just like the Khumbu tea houses…he! he!


  3. Bill, sounds like an exhilerating ride. If you run into recommendable motels or similar places to eat, let us know so we can do the same if traveling your route.

    1. I look for Best Western Hotels because the price is right and they have wifi in the rooms and computers in the lobby. I use the computer in the lobby to send photos and the wifi to send and receive e-mails from my room via I-Pad. But, this is not five star lodging, that’s for sure.

      The Best Western in Garberville, where I am staying now, has a free wine and cheese tasting from 5:30-7:30. They also offer a free continental breakfast in the morning.


  4. Dear Bill,
    That was a great story. Was that Mary? How did she meet Bill, your dad? I have forgotten the story & am very interested. She was one of the loveliest women I have ever known, an angel for sure. It makes me sad to think she could not attend the U, however that did not stop Mary. She was an example whereever she went, just like you, Bill.
    Stay healthy & keep those cheeks warm.
    Love & Blessings, Betty

    1. Thanks Betty.

      Yes that’s Mom in the photo.

      My Mom and Dad met at Long Beach Wilson High School in Long Beach. They got married not long after graduating from high school.

      Everyone: Betty Cady Glenn and Jerry Glenn were my neighbors in Burbank, California. Our families were very close. Their parents, Ron and Dorothy, we’re like second parents to my brother, sister and me. Betty and Jerry (mostly Betty) were our babysitters. My brother and I pulled all kinds of stunts to harass them. I hope they were paid well.

      Betty and Jerry and Linda Glenn have come to my Everest programs. They are very dear friends to my brother, sister and me.

      I love you Betty, Jerry & Linda.


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