Great Views and Great Weather

St. Helena, California
March 11, 2013

You don’t have to travel far in California to enjoy some of the most beautiful vistas on planet earth. The Pacific Ocean and Redwood Forests are great examples.

The trip South from Mendocino proceeds along the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean and then turns East on Highway 128. Highway 128 took me through some stunningly beautiful Redwood Forests.




I was not aware of the fact that the Anderson Valley, along Highway 128, is a prime wine growing region in California. I stopped at several wineries and sampled the wines. I even purchased some bottles and stored them in Ollie’s sidecar. Here is a photo of one of the vineyards in Anderson Valley.


From Anderson Valley, I traveled to Alexander Valley, all the while stopping at wineries and purchasing wines. I have stopped for the night in St. Helena in the Napa Valley and am lodging at the El Bonita Inn. This is the same place I stayed in on the trip to Seattle in September.

Ollie’s sidecar is now a mobile wine cellar. If my bike fails on the way home, I won’t die of thirst. I have a very close friend who lives in New Jersey and is a Wine Master, whatever that means. He has thousands of wines collected in his wine cellar in the Catskills. John, you have nothing on me.

I have been blessed with great weather. Apart from the first day in Seattle, the weather has been beautiful. For the first time today, I was able to strip down to a long-sleeve t-shirt, Everest cropper pants and no gloves. I love it!



6 thoughts on “Great Views and Great Weather

  1. I am absolutely loving your commentaries this sounds like a fantastic trip. Cathy and I made that Mendocino trip 32 years ago and swore we would go back now we will have to do so

  2. Yeah, beautiful area. My wife and I take day trips from Marin County where we live. We really like the Farmstead restaurant in St. Helena…they grow much of their own food on a farm they own. It’s a little pricey as is everything up there, but not too bad, and the environment is amazing….like a big old barn. Looks like the good weather will continue for a great trip.


  3. Wine, dine, ride, sleep, and enjoy the scenery–something we should all do often!! Getting through the Bay area is always a busy grind and, if your plans are to head back to the coast, south of Monterey is always a delight–with the added plus of more wineries from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara.

    Travel blessings,


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