California Gold

St. Helena, California
March 12, 2013


The late Huell Howser was a popular television personality who had a series called “California Gold.” He featured interesting venues in California and always closed his show with the song “California Here I Come.” Here is my attempt to carry on his legacy.

Well, hello everyone. This is Huell Howser, Jr. with another webcast of “California Gold”.

We are traveling in the famous Napa-Sonoma wine country in Northern California. This place is amaaaaazing.

Today, I decided to sample the less-visited wineries along the Silverado Trail in the foothills of Napa Valley. I started with the favorite winery of my family-Rombauer. I ordered a Chardonnay for my daughter, Lisa, who manages my website. I also ordered 3 Zinfandels. My son-in-law, Jeff, who is married to Lisa, once told me he won’t drink Zin, which is a lower class wine. Jeff is the finest Italian chef west of the Vatican. Jeff, I am sure you can put together an Italian feast that will enhance these Zins.

I stopped at several other wineries and ordered wines. Here is a photo of the Hill Wine Company winery:


Tomorrow, I will be visiting friends in the region and will then press on to our next California Gold destination.

California here I come
Right back where I started from
Where bowers of flowers bloom in the spring
Each morning, at dawning, birdies sing, and everything
A sun-kissed miss says “don’t be late”
That’s why I can hardly wait
Open up that Golden Gate
California here I come



7 thoughts on “California Gold

  1. Hi Dear Bill,
    I am so enjoying your adventures. I feel as though I’m riding along with you on your trips to and from Seattle as they are so descriptive. The side motorcycle is stunning – just for Ollie. You were in Mendocino where retired Judge William Masterson resides with his wife Julie. He lives in a compound with a view of the coast as pictured in your travels. He has a guest house on the premises, it would have been nice for you to have stayed there – had he known you were in the area. Judge Masterson has 4 grandchildren. Barbara Masterson Saunders (youngest daughter/age 49) is a U.S. Attorney in Vermont, transferred from L.A.
    Please continue with your emails – I love them – thanks for sharing. Please be sure and give us more details of your presentation in October at the Castaways Restaurant in Burbank. Sheila Cantrell is getting a group together for this presentation. So looking forward to seeing you then. Thanks for being wonderful YOU.

  2. Thanks for the Huell Howser remembrance–that’s amaaaaaazing! Soon you’ll be singing the Johnny Cash song: “I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere…”(then go breathless singing about all the towns/cities that you’ve been through). Travel blessings with your precious cargo!


  3. I love the entries about this trip. The wine is going to be great and the scenery at the best. Keep the posts coming and you and your family are truly blessed to have each other.

  4. Bill…what a wonderful trip…love Huell and it is fantastic that he left everything to Chapman University thanks to my dear friend, the President Jim Doti who is also an accomplished climber…Aconcagua, Vinson, etc.
    “Drive on!”


  5. Dear Bill:

    Your grand “Cinderella” coach for Ollie is truly magnificient. You are clearly having a wonderful time, and the altitude looks just right.

    I’m so excited about hearing your talk to the TGOC next Thursday, that I actually showed up today!

    See you next week.

    Lori Hoskins

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