More California Gold in Sonoma

Sonoma, California
March 14, 2013

Yesterday I planned to have lunch with a mountaineering friend who lives with his family in Santa Rosa. I arrived at the MayaCama Country Club at 11:10 am.  As I was entering this beautiful compound in the foothills of Santa Rosa, the engine in my bike came to a sputtering halt.  Fortunately, there was a Harley dealer just South of Santa Rosa.  I nursed the bike down the mountain to Highway 101 and barely made it to the dealer.  The mechanic diagnosed the problem as a faulty engine heat sensor. After 2 hours of work, he had it fixed.

harley dealer



The defective heat sensor
The defective heat sensor

Despite this setback, the day ended well.  After the bike was repaired, I rejoined Ron, with his wife, Laura, and son, Ron, Jr., at the country club in the late afternoon. We enjoyed some drinks and good conversation. Ron & Laura have 4 children-two boys and two girls. Twelve- year old Ron Jr. Is planning to get his pilot’s license.  What a great family. Ron, who is a winemaker, honored me with a gift of a great bottle of fine wine, which I will save for a very special family event.


Today I plan to ride east to Murphy, in the heart of California Gold Rush territory.

Some of you know that my wife, Sharon, recently took a fall in the driveway and broke her ankle. The cast went on this week and will be on for a month. Real bummer, but she has lots of help and attention from family.

Life is good.  God is great.




2 thoughts on “More California Gold in Sonoma

  1. Dear Bill,
    Thanks for letting us come along with you on your trip down the coast. I always look forward to your wonderful naration. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful State.
    Sorry to hear about Sharons ankle. Heal quickly, that wonderful river cruise awaits you both.
    Love, Jerry and Linda

  2. Bill:

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! You are quite an adventurer. Luck is on your
    side. You could have been miles and in the middle of nowhere from a repair shop. God is
    definitely looking out for you.

    Tell Sharon I certainly know how she feels. Hang in there and that cast will be off in no
    time. If she has one of those walkers on wheels, she can really get thru the house fast.

    Take care and be safe!

    Bobbie & John Wright

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