Getting Close

Bridgeport, California
March 18, 2013

After yesterday’s ride, I feel like I have now seen about everything on this journey.

My ride Northeast on Highway 88 through the Sierra mountain range brought me significant altitude gain, which peaked at 8,000 feet, and bone chilling cold.  I bulked up with clothes and really enjoyed the day.

I love the High Sierra. I have this slide show on my website that I made with many of my favorite photos from this area.

Below are some High Sierra photos from this trip. There is an interesting story behind the third photo.  This is a photo of the Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail.  This trail was blazed in 1848 by discharged members of the Mormon Battalion who were traveling east to rejoin their families after fighting in the Mexican-American War.  Five hundred Mormon volunteers served in the U.S. Army in that war.  When they were discharged from the Army, 100 members worked for John Sutter in the winter in the Sacramento area to raise money to obtain supplies.  Forty-five men and one woman turned their backs on the newly discovered gold fields and headed east for Great Salt Lake Valley with 17 wagons, 2 cannons, 150 horses and mules and 150 cattle.  They crossed these rugged mountains on trackless trails bound for hearth and home.  Pretty impressive!

I stayed in Bridgeport last night and should be home tonight.


High Sierra
High Sierra
High Sierra
High Sierra
Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail
Frozen Lake Caples
Ice Fishing
Topaz Lake
High Sierra



8 thoughts on “Getting Close

  1. Bill Loved your slide show… Ive been to many of the High Sierra locations you shot. You need to hit my most favorite and one that is rather incredible, but a bit of a hump to get there. Bear lakes Basin in Kings Canyon. After 35 years of treking in the Sierras , I feel there is no finer park then Kings Canyon!!! Just unbelievable HIGH COUNTRY!! just splendid…. Check out the Sierra High Route All cross country route mostly above 11000 feet. Ive done about 1/2 of it mostly solo as my friends wont do it with me. Now i have arthritic knees so i probably wont be able to finish it….Damn!!!! I also do alot of Sea Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez. Now that is a hoot. Ive done the Loreto to la paz leg twice. AWESOME!!!!!!!


  2. What incredible travels you have experienced. When are you going to to write a book about you, your family, travels including all your mountain climbs (Mt. Everest history) – a fascinatng biography to be sure???? You are really living the life you want – you are so adventurous, brave, risking taking, exciting, exhilerating, nature loving, family man, God loving person. WOW – how incredible is that!! You are that and so much more. Can you tell that I’m a fan of yours!!! Looking forward to seeing you in October in Burbank. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.
    Happy, happy birthday to YOU and many more.
    Take care, be safe and we’ll keep you in our prayers. God be with you always.

  3. I have many great memories of the Sierra and my heart lives there as well as the deserts. You are a great spokesman for traveling in the West and California. Welcome home.

  4. Janet advances a plausible career change–California goodwill ambassador; have bike will travel!! Your timing is perfect for doing a birthday hike of Mt. Whitney. Call if you want company. Travel blessings as you return home to celebrate Sharon’s birthday and your birthday–with plenty of Napa and Sonoma wine!


  5. Bill,
    thanks for the wonderful travellogue. I took some notes and hopefully we will come out West some day to follow your tracks. I did not think any Irish got past the bars in New York and headed West.

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