Costa Mesa, Ca.
March 19, 2013

I’m home!


When I woke up yesterday morning in Bridgeport, it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  My bike and sidecar were covered with frost.


I left the motel around 9 am and headed South on Highway 395.  As I descended to lower elevations, it warmed up nicely.  I took my time, enjoying the beautiful views of the High Sierra and stopping in the little towns along the way.  Here are some more photos of the Sierra mountain range.



Mono Lake and Mono Basin

Mono Lake and Mono Basin




I arrived in Costa Mesa at 7 pm.  It is so great to be home.

My daughter, Lisa, who manages my website, will interview me about the trip, and I will post that interview later today or tomorrow.  After I clean up the bike and sidecar, I will present the sidecar to Ollie and give him his inaugural ride.  That precious moment will be shared with all of you.

Thanks for following my journey, and thank God for the safe and fun trip.


p.s. This is his daughter Lisa sneaking in….It’s his birthday today- Happy Birthday!!