Post-Trip Interview

Costa Mesa, California, California
March 20, 2013

Here is a post-trip interview of my trip from Seattle to Costa Mesa in March of 2013. My inaugural ride with Ollie is postponed until tomorrow.



11 thoughts on “Post-Trip Interview

  1. Hopefully, one of your short motorcycle trips trips with Ollie will bring you down to San Diego for a visit–over the next two weeks the annual Butterfly Encounter at Safari Park is a beautiful attraction. Thanks for the visual on the Nicholson Ranch wine glass! Blessings.


  2. Glad to see you at home safe and sound. Thanks for taking us on your trip – we so enjoyed your adventures with you – you’re a terrific guide – we’re waiting for you to be published. You’re an amazing person and we are so honored and privileged to have you in our lives. I’ve known you over 40 years – can you believe that – how time flies. Looking forward to seeing you in October.
    Your fan,

  3. CLASSIC!!! One Glass a day I loved that!!! Hahahaha! Anderson Valley is one of my favorite zones for wines. There are some epic pinots up there as well. Funny my favorite Chard is Rombauer! Definately check out that Bear lakes Basin, You will not be disappointed!

  4. Saw the sidecar in the driveway yesterday, and it brought a tear to my eye thinking about all the fun and great memories you two will share! Can’t wait to see the video of the first ride. LOVED the wine glass, that was great. Happy Birthday Sharon and Bill!

  5. What a beautiful video. You have such a talented family & you all work so well together. Sharon, I love your kitchen in the background, LOL. Happy Birthday to you both again. I can’t wait to see Ollie in that magnificient side car. Best Wishes for many more marvelous adventures. Love & Blessings, Betty

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