Ollie’s First Ride

Costa Mesa, California

March 22, 2013

Yesterday, Ollie had his first ride in his sidecar.  As we all expected, he loves it.

We had 4 video cameras trained on Ollie for the maiden voyage. Two GoPros were mounted on the bike, Simon, Jr., Ollie’s older brother, filmed with a video camera and Simon Sr., Ollie’s Dad, filmed from the back of another bike with a GoPro mounted on a pole.  Family friend, Steve Horowitz, piloted the other bike.

Steve bought Ollie the coolest Harley skull cap, but Ollie would have nothing to do with it. Once we got rolling, he was all excitement and smiles.  When Ollie raises his arms, he is excited.  When he waves his hands, he is super excited. When he claps his hands, he is in Ollie Heaven.  We saw all of those emotions on the ride.

At the conclusion of the trip, as Ollie was walking up the driveway to the house, he stopped and bent his head forward. We all recognize this as Ollie’s version of a big thank you kiss.

I want to thank, Simon, Sr., Simon, Jr. and Steve for all the help in the filming.


ps: don’t worry, this weekend, Ollie & I are going to the Harley dealer to purchase a real motorcycle helmet.

(best to watch the video in full screen mode)


31 thoughts on “Ollie’s First Ride

  1. Ollie’s smile says it all!! I can’t even stop smiling seeing after seeing video of his first ride, he loved every minute of it!! I had to show Zackary too, as soon as he saw the close up of Ollie smiling, he just started smiling and laughing right along with him!! You are an amazing grandpa Bill..thank you for sharing this wonderful time in yours and Ollie’s life with all of us! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this in the Angelman community..they are going to love it!!

    Stacie, mom to Kaleb, Zackary (AS del +), and Jacob
    Elk Grove, CA.

  2. Awww shucks, Grandpa….I had to wait to wipe away all the tears before I could comment……..OH WOW !!!…..That is just way too cool !!! You are the best Grandpa…and Ollie is so fortunate…..You are a gift from God…as is Ollie! He’s gettin’ pretty big now to move around. Do enjoy those rides.

  3. Gave me goose bumps watching this awesome video!! So happy for all of you, you have a very special family. xoxoxo to all of you, give Ollie a squeeze for me!

    Kim Vaughan

  4. Ollie has gotten bigger…he looks great and loved his smile in the last photo…many great rides to come! Hope Sharon is better and the USS Everest awaits your river cruise.

    “Bike on!”


  5. Dear Bill, Wow, I too have to wipe away the tears of joy seeing this video. Ollie was so excited during the ride. You two are going to have so much fun together! What a blessing you are to each other. God Bless all your rides & adventures together. Love & Hugs to you all, Betty

  6. Super awesome video! Thank you for sharing it Bill! And two thumbs up for all of those who put it together.
    It was quite heartwarming to watch you and Ollie enjoying the ride. Brought tears of joy to my eyes.
    I liked the way the video began and ended with you and Ollie holding hands. Very loving.
    Keep enjoying the journey!

  7. I’m a friend of your girls, and I have met you a few times over the years. I have enjoyed following your blog, and this video of Ollie’s first ride is so heartwarming. He is blessed to have you in his life, and these memories will certainly stay with him for the rest of his life! God bless you!

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