Costa Mesa, California

March 22, 2013

Yesterday, Ollie had his first ride in his sidecar.  As we all expected, he loves it.

We had 4 video cameras trained on Ollie for the maiden voyage. Two GoPros were mounted on the bike, Simon, Jr., Ollie’s older brother, filmed with a video camera and Simon Sr., Ollie’s Dad, filmed from the back of another bike with a GoPro mounted on a pole.  Family friend, Steve Horowitz, piloted the other bike.

Steve bought Ollie the coolest Harley skull cap, but Ollie would have nothing to do with it. Once we got rolling, he was all excitement and smiles.  When Ollie raises his arms, he is excited.  When he waves his hands, he is super excited. When he claps his hands, he is in Ollie Heaven.  We saw all of those emotions on the ride.

At the conclusion of the trip, as Ollie was walking up the driveway to the house, he stopped and bent his head forward. We all recognize this as Ollie’s version of a big thank you kiss.

I want to thank, Simon, Sr., Simon, Jr. and Steve for all the help in the filming.


ps: don’t worry, this weekend, Ollie & I are going to the Harley dealer to purchase a real motorcycle helmet.

(best to watch the video in full screen mode)