Subject:  Update on Sharon

Costa Mesa, California

March 26, 2013

Unfortunately, we are canceling our river cruise in May.  Sharon’s foot is in a cast, which will be on for another two weeks. Then, there will be a foot boot and a lengthy recuperation period. These river cruises require a lot of walking almost every day in the various cities along the river. We can’t take a chance of making things worse for her injured ankle.  Fortunately, we purchased trip insurance, an especially good idea for senior citizens. We will be rescheduling the cruise once we have a better idea as to trip availability and Sharon’s recovery period.

Thanks to all of you who have inquired and asked about Sharon’s recovery.  I believe things happen for a good reason.

In case you are wondering, for a variety of reasons, I will not be returning to Everest this year. However, I plan to return to Asia in 2014 to climb Everest or another 8,000 meter mountain.  So, I’ll try to stay in shape.