Update on Sharon

Subject:  Update on Sharon

Costa Mesa, California

March 26, 2013

Unfortunately, we are canceling our river cruise in May.  Sharon’s foot is in a cast, which will be on for another two weeks. Then, there will be a foot boot and a lengthy recuperation period. These river cruises require a lot of walking almost every day in the various cities along the river. We can’t take a chance of making things worse for her injured ankle.  Fortunately, we purchased trip insurance, an especially good idea for senior citizens. We will be rescheduling the cruise once we have a better idea as to trip availability and Sharon’s recovery period.

Thanks to all of you who have inquired and asked about Sharon’s recovery.  I believe things happen for a good reason.

In case you are wondering, for a variety of reasons, I will not be returning to Everest this year. However, I plan to return to Asia in 2014 to climb Everest or another 8,000 meter mountain.  So, I’ll try to stay in shape.



12 thoughts on “Update on Sharon

  1. Idea- since you have already conquered that big mountain already, how about climbing the highest peak in every state? Ride your Harley if you must, but your trip from Seattle showed how beautiful and rewarding a trip in your own backyard can be. You could visit family and friends along the way. Maybe some of us could join you for some of the climbs. Now that would be a fun trip to follow! Think about it.
    xoxo Dee

  2. I wish you and Sharon well and best wishes on her ankle. I have a swollen ankle and it is not fun to get about. Are you reading the stories on the OC climbers in South America? Is this mountain difficult as the others. Also, did you hear the story about the disabled teenager who climbed Everest? Now, that is pretty cool and you are too.

  3. I Totally agree with Lisa!!! I think that’s a great idea!! I loved your Seattle trip; felt like I was there with you. I admire your Everest trips, but I was “with you” on your Seattle trip!!

  4. Hi Bill — well, that’s just a sad circumstance for poor Sharon, and for you! However, I do agree that things happen for a reason, and I heartily echo your plan to lay low for Sharon, and stay in training for a return to Asia. You’re too young not to go back! Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing that she is recovering well, and will be praying for both her recovery and her spirits. I also look forward to seeing what you will be doing in the interim! God bless you both! … from another blessed Grandparent of Twin Girls!!

  5. Sharon, we’re SO sorry to learn that your ankle situation will prevent your taking the upcoming river cruise! You’re smart to wait until you are completely healed. Absolutely the right decision, but a bummer nonetheless. Think ahead: a wonderful trip is just around the corner!!! Hugs, Judy and Jeff

  6. Dear Bill, Sharon, Lisa and your other wonderful family members.

    I just spent HOURS sharing the beauty, the thrills and the love of your group. As a family, yours is hard to top. Finally to see beautiful Sharon and the fabulous job Lisa did of bringing this mini series to fruition…fabulous. For those of us that are armchair adventurers, you have given me wings. Your accounts, filming, fortitude and reference to God, family and country are awe inspiring. Just more reasons to understand the joy and calling you have Bill to always seek more. Go for it..we ride your coat tails.

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