Everest 2013 and Other Matters

Costa Mesa, California

April 27, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

I have had some inquiries about the current Everest season, which kicked off in April and runs until early June when the monsoon season closes down the mountain.

After the cancellation of the European river cruise because of Sharon’s injury, there was insufficient time to plan and train for a 2013 Everest expedition.  I have been in serious training since August of 2012, but there is “training” and there is “Everest training”–two very different things.

At first, I thought this was well and good.  A year off would help me gain release from the gravity pull of this great mountain and allow me to reset my mind and my plans.  But, Chomolumna beckons me every day, and my friends are on the mountain.  I cannot bring myself to follow the 2013 coverage.  It is just too painful.

IMG_3388_edited-1 - Version 2

I can tell you that I am planning another extreme adventure for later this year or 2014, not necessarily Everest.  After I work out the logistics and speak with my family, I will post something.  You may be surprised. As long as this tired, old body holds out, I will be pushing the limits.

In the meantime, I finally found a suitable motorcycle helmet for Ollie. Now, my challenge is to get him to wear the helmet so we can go on trips.  He is very fussy about anything touching his head.  He loves his Papa and his sidecar, so I am optimistic.  I love him so much.

“Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” is progressing well.  We will be filming next week, with a view to a release later in the year.  Allan Smith, the filmmaker, hopes to focus on all aspects of alpine climbing, not just my story.  I like this approach.  He has interviewed expedition organizers, guides, famous alpine climbers, weather forecasters, mountaineering equipment vendors and mountaineering website administrators.  I think the documentary will be interesting.

Bill Burke




4 thoughts on “Everest 2013 and Other Matters

  1. I know the feeling that your experienceing in relation to being relagated to an observer instead of being a participant in the action in a place that you love. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’ll second that motion for sure with increased motivation and more of an increased sense of purpose than ever before if thats even possible. I’ll be going back up again this year after a multi year observer status due to knee injury finaly restored to active duty again with the help of surgons at HSS here in ny. It truly is a privilage to be able to attempt these adventures at any age and a second chance at these is realy specia.We must be blessed for sure.


  2. Dear Bill, I do not know the pull to climb like you do, but I understand the love of the grandchildren. I have guardianship of my 5 yr. old granddaughter. This morning was her first day in Kindergarten & I was looking for my glasses that I had misplaced in the rush. When I found them I said, “Thank you, God.” & she asked me why I said that. I replied that I always ask God to help me find my spectacles when I misplace them or any thing else.” She looked at me with a half discussed look & commented, to give Hi”I think you ought m a break.” I have to admit that I loose them often, LOL.
    Blessings on your latest adventure, Betty

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