MacLehose Trailwalk

Subject:  the MacLehose Trailwalk

Costa Mesa, California

July 30, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

A friend recently reminded me of a mountain race I entered in 1999.  I prepared a report concerning the race for my family just after completing the race.  Since this was my first extreme adventure, I decided to post the report on my website.  The report is here and can be found in the Gallery.

At the time of the race, I was living and working in Tokyo, having moved to Tokyo after 3 years of living and working in Hong Kong.  The Trailwalk is a 100 km (60 mile) charity event that takes place in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

On August 10, I will be traveling to Washington for a climb of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.  I’ll post a full photo/video report when I return.

I hope all of you are having a delightful summer.



4 thoughts on “MacLehose Trailwalk

  1. Bill you need to visit Granite park and the Bear Lakes Basin………….. Just got back from 6 days up there! We saw NO ONE for 4 days!!! It’s my favorite zone in all of the Sierras! You would not believe the size of the Golden trout we caught!!!!

  2. Bill, I think I read this when you first put it together and it was greta to read it again. I’ll pass it along to Michael and maybe it will encourage him to take advantage of this of his Hong Kong tour of duty. Hope all is well and maybe I’ll be out your way visiting John and we can all catch-up. All my best, John

  3. Hi Bill,

    My pal, Kris Dawson used to be Ollie’s APE teacher at Killybrooke Elementary School. She heard that I was looking for a mountain climber as a guest speaker for my Summer Reading Camp at California Elementary in Costa Mesa as I am the 4-6 Grade Teacher and we are reading the book, “Everest” about kids going on an expedition to Mt. Everest. I know you are leaving on Aug. 10th, but if you could some how visit us next week anytime from 8:30-11am or before Aug. 23rd on our last day of camp, that would be awesome. Our kids are very socio-economically and culturally diverse, so your visit would really provide a lot of real world knowledge for them. Please let me know if you are interested.


    Vikki Clifford

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