New Everest Technology

Costa Mesa, Ca.

March 26, 2014

Hi Everyone:

This year on Mt. Everest, I will deploy top secret technology designed and built for me by a fellow member of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles. If everything works as planned, you will see photos and video footage of Chomolumna that are unprecedented and truly stunning.

Ollie and I had our last training run on Sunday–a 50-mile bicycle ride down the coast from Newport Beach to Oceanside–check out the sellfie below. I have my last workout today, and I depart for Nepal on Sunday.

I hope you log on to my website and follow my journey.


IMG_4478 - Version 3



22 thoughts on “New Everest Technology

  1. Best of luck Bill. I look forward to following this adventure. By the way, happy birthday. You, I, O’Leary and Ohlgren all within a few months. 1942 was a bumper crop. John

  2. Wow, has Ollie ever grown up during the years I’ve been following your adventures. Looks to be an absolutely delightful teenager.
    Best of luck and prayers for safety for all follow you, Bill.

  3. Hi Bill & family, “there you go again”! I so admire your dedication towards all of YOUR GOALS, no rocking chair in that corner for you. Blessing & God speed with this next venture to conquer Mt Everest AGAIN! Sharon gonna conquer THE WINCHESTER HOUSE AGAIN?
    x-neighbor, Joe ann

  4. Best to you and your upcoming adventure, Bill!
    I’ll get to be an armchair traveler for now 🙂
    Blessings and may God be with you for every step of the journey!

  5. Bill, just loved the picture if you and Ollie…our special needs grandkids sure do make life worthwhile. God’s speed, care and guidance…thanks for all of these adventures you’ve been taking me…loving the trips and look forward to so many more…

  6. I will most certainly follow you every step of the way, Bill, and my very best hopes, thoughts and wishes for a safe and successful trip go with you. So sorry Bill and I must miss the party. Happy climbing, and love to you and Sharon…..Lori.

  7. Bill:

    I really enjoyed your program and your film “Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” (which I just purchased on-line) last night at the Alhambra Masonic Center, and it was great to see you again! You’re looking great! Best wishes and Godspeed on this year’s summit, and may you have great weather in April and May! I think poor weather is the only thing that might present a challenge to you!


  8. Good luck Bill, you looked real good in your selfie, looks like your ready to climb. We definitely have to get together in the next couple of years. I think you would enjoy Leadville, we could climb some 14ers and you can meet Ken Chlouber, We’ll give you a heroes greeting. Good luck, be safe, and slow and steady wins the race…..Rich

  9. Bill:

    Best of luck to you on your new adventure. I noticed you have lots of gadgets…I hope one of them is a “Life Alert”
    Be safe and have fun putting us all to shame.
    All the best,

  10. Thank You, Promise to be there on your return home, Stay safe Mr. Burke you will be in my prayers,, and once again thank you for thinking about me,,,P.S. hugs to Ollie he is a big boy now:)

  11. Bill, sorry I didn’t get to call you. Be safe and cautious. BTW, those bike rides are really working — Ollie looks great!!! See you when you’re back, best wishes, John

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