Audio report from Chinese Base Camp (CBC)

April 15, 2014
Mt Everest, Chinese Base Camp

Click here to listen to audio report from Chinese Base Camp

First look at Chomolungma from the road
First look at Chomolungma from the road
Having lunch at CBC
Having lunch at CBC
CBC from the moraine
CBC from the moraine
Glacial lake in the moraine
Glacial lake in the moraine
In front of my tent
In front of my tent
Chinese Base Camp
Chinese Base Camp


28 thoughts on “Audio report from Chinese Base Camp (CBC)

  1. Bill,
    I love getting your audio updates. You make me feel like I am there with you (except for the whole cold temperature, vicious winds, high altitude, and exhausting hikes-thing)
    Take care and keep em coming!

  2. Hi Bill,

    I really enjoy getting your progress in audio and by email. CBC area does not look crowded as I expect from previous years on your pics. Hope to see you off to your destination soon with supportive weather and energy. You give and show us an incredible inspiration, resilience and determination.

    Be safe!

  3. Thanks Bill for sharing your newest adventure!

    You inspire me and countless others. Keep it up and be safe!

    Looking forward to hearing from you as you progress towards the ultimate Summit.


  4. Namaste Bill,

    Following every step as you report them.

    Interesting to note how relatively UNpopulated Chinese Base Camp is, compared to the south side, which will soon have 800-1000 people polluting the environment there. Glad you’re on the north side. It’ll be a lot safer without the crowds who are “buying” their way up the mountain on the South Col.

    Warm regards.


  5. Namaste, Bill. The audio reports are a success. We love hearing your voice–a fabulous adjunct to your photographs. The alluvial fan at Everest’s base is much smoother than the rocky Nepal side, and the tent congestion is greatly reduced. The food in the dining tent looks good–eat well my friend.



  6. Hi Mr. Burke,
    I loved listening to your audio report! I’m sorry you didn’t get the artichoke and planked salmon dinner, but I bet you will reward yourself with a very special dinner after you summit! I wish you all the best with your climb! I hope it will be your favorite adventure yet!
    love, Tricia

  7. And once again…thanks for ‘taking’ me to Everest……..i really look forward to and savor you reports and pics….I can just about hear you singing…’How Great thou At’…..

  8. Thank you for the wonderful update Bill! Your photos and audio really bring the adventure to life for me sitting here at home in California. I am glad your base camp is well positioned and you got a room/tent with a view. Positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Good luck, and God Bless you!

  9. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the great photos & commentary. You are helping me relive my adventure from last year. Best of luck to you as you acclimatize in Base Camp & continue up the mountain.


  10. To Bill, all of his loving family and his fellow mountaineers,

    Hearing this morning’s news of the Everest tragedy hits hard. With Bill’s wonderful blog, photos and stories of Everest and the amazing Sherpas, I feel more connected to this horrible event. I feel for the families of the Sherpas and the sacrifices they make for all of the mountaineers.

    The news I’ve seen makes me believe that Bill is safe. That, I am extremely thankful for! Be careful on the North side Bill.

  11. You are in our prayers news this morning wasn’t the greatest you sound great and in great shape as usual your photos and messages puts us up there with you We are with u all the way stay safe

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