April 17, 2014

This is Bill’s daughter Lisa posting- he is safe at Chinese Base Camp on the north side of Mt Everest but very saddened and upset after hearing of the deadly avalanche on the south side that has killed at least 13 sherpas. It is being reported as the worst-ever recorded disaster on Mt Everest. You can read about the avalanche on Alan Arnett’s blog here as well as many news outlets all over the internet.

My Dad sent me this brief information and said he was in no condition to post an audio report:

Mingma’s father was killed in the avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall

He was a dear old man who served as a cook at Camp 2 for Alpine Ascents

He has a wife and 2 sons, both of whom are high altitude Sherpas Mingma is the oldest son

Mingma is leaving Chinese Base Camp and will return on May 1

Mingma has been my Sherpa and friend for 5 years. We summitted Mt Everest together in 2009. We call each other brothers. He is also  close to my entire family

I have met Mingma’s father, mother and brother

Please pray for Mingma, his family and all the other persons affected by this terrible tragedy on Mt. Everest

Kalden, one of our young Sherpas at CBC, just asked to use my sat phone. He found out two of his best friends died in the avalanche. So sad.

Ang Mingma Sherpa is here with me at CBC. He was one of my Sherpas in 2012. Two members of his family died including his nephew.

We will post more as we hear.