Audio report after the avalanche tragedy

April 19, 2014

There is a new audio report from Bill you can listen to by clicking the link below

Audio report after the avalanche tragedy







5 thoughts on “Audio report after the avalanche tragedy

  1. Greetings Bill, I have read and re-read Alan Arnette’s updates on the ice fall and it is very emotional reading from a long distance away. We can only imagine how distraught you must feel with Mingma’s loss of his father. Today, our hiking group dedicated the hike at Daley Ranch to you and Mingma. “Sadness and gladness succeed each other”, but for now there is heart-felt sadness.


  2. Bill, although you are a great distance from us, we feel your pain & loss to those so close to you. Know that we send strength & peace in your direction for all climbers to be safe on the mountain throughout the rest of this season. XO Jill & Rich

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