Back At Chinese Base Camp

April 29, 2014

Click here to listen to a new audio report from Bill

Bill with the North Col Headwall in the background
The North Col with Everest in the background
The North Col with Everest in the background
Advanced Base Camp (photo courtesy of teammate Krystian Oleksiak from Poland)
Advanced Base Camp in the evening (photo courtesy of Krystian Oleksiak from Poland)







15 thoughts on “Back At Chinese Base Camp

  1. Awesome photos papa! Out here in Boulder my roommates and I wish you the best and look forward to your future updates. Keep going strong!

  2. You look and sound great, Bill… It will be about 95 degrees in OC today… we’ll keep the warm weather for your return… We wish Mingma well and will be there in spirit, with you and the entire team, at the Puja… k;-)

  3. Hi Bill,

    Even though I haven’t met you, I am always very glad to hear these audio reports, to see all the great pictures, and to follow your adventures on the mountain.

    I’m living a tad vicariously… haha

    I do admire you very much, and hope that you continue to have a safe, and fantastic climb! 🙂

  4. Hi Bill. That headwall to the North Col looks challenging, but I also know that you are tough as nails.

    Will be watching your progress with great interest. For certain, life is what you make it.

    PGC from Hingham, MA

  5. Hi Bill,
    I am enjoying all your commentary and great pictures ! Wish you Strength, Patience, and Perseverance, and good weather as you make your way to the Top of the World.
    Thanks for taking all us of at sea level with you to the Summit.

  6. We are always thinking about you. Danny and I have Indian Guides in Catalina. Camping in tents, etc…not quite the Everest experience, but we will definately be thinking of you. I suspect you will be topic of our campfire discussions!
    Have been taking Ollie on Crystal Cove runs but need to get him out on the bike. Jeff, Lori and i will plan a ride next weekend in your honor!

    Be safe.


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