Calling from Advanced Base Camp

May 2, 2014

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The Miracle Highway Between IBC and ABC
The Miracle Highway Between IBC and ABC



4 thoughts on “Calling from Advanced Base Camp

  1. Hey Bill,
    Guess the Miracle Highway is thus named since it’s a miracle to complete it, with the false summits and long, mundane stretches. However, the slough is helping you acclimatize and you seem to be doing well. Glad to hear the puja went well – an auspicious sign. Enjoy those hot springs and all best wishes on your upcoming ascent.

  2. Namaste Bill,

    No one handles the pedestrian and terrestrial mileage on the mountain better than you, Bill. Great “lock-step” practice on the Miracle Highway. The peace of the mountain be with you. Blessings.


  3. I can’t believe, after all that climbing, you are going all the way back and then do the same thing again. I trust that you and the sherpas know what you’re doing and why, but it sounds grueling.
    I still wish you health and safety and I’m cheering for you from here in Burbank.

  4. Hey Bill, so great to hear that you are pressing on and things are going well. That hike sounds tough! But then again, you are tough! Our whole Saddleback Kids team continues to pray for you and we treasure your posts. Take care!


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