Acclimatization Day- 7 hours up, 40 min down

May 5, 2014

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Puja Ceremony
Puja Ceremony
Puja Ceremony
Puja Ceremony
Puja Ceremony (see Bill praying)


Advanced Base Camp





12 thoughts on “Acclimatization Day- 7 hours up, 40 min down

  1. Namaste Bill,
    The complete climber with the strength of many! The 7-hour upward move from ABC to the North Col must have been draining with a new route and a steeper climb–your pictures will shed light on this experience. Life has meaning only to the struggle; your success is in the hands of God.



  2. Bill,

    We are praying and pulling “up” for you! My 9-nine year old son will share your experience with his Washington Elementary School, Union, NJ 3rd Grade Class!!!


    Julian Buitrago, and Lil Julian Buitrago
    Union, NJ

  3. My students at South Middle School in Salina, Kansas are following your movements every day. We wondered why you were headed back down again until we heard your post that a storm is headed your way. We are wondering if you have a target date in mind for summiting? Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. You are inspiring each of the students to dream big!

  4. Namaste, Bill… would FedEx you some dry socks but they don’t deliver to ABC… yet…
    Tnx for the fotos & audio report… we’re with you vicariously and wafting positive thoughts your way… all best…

  5. Hi Bill.

    This is truly astonishing, the North Col and 23,000ft, sans oxygen.

    What on earth vitamins do you take? I can’t even get a good night’s sleep at the Four Seasons!

    When you return, I would like to talk to you again about your training and general preparation.

    Am considering Cho Oyu next year, followed by The Big E beyond that.

    This is fascinating stuff!

    Paul from Hingham

  6. Namaste Bill,

    I’ve followed your adventures for a few years, but I’ve never posted. You are a true inspiration. It’s wonderful what you have done with Ollie and involving him in your training. Great grandfather and adventurer.
    I’ve traveled your route to CBC, stayed at the Rongbuk monastery and then onto Kalapatthar on the south side. Your commentary and pictures are special for me.
    Looking forward to seeing your north side summit.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Go Bill!
    Bud Swanson
    San Diego

  7. Bill:
    You sound strong. Your training and prepration have served you well. Get plenty of rest and good food as you prepare for your final push. God Bless!!

    1. Marian-
      He has not yet posted an anticipated date summit date yet, but will be receiving some weather updates in the next few hours that might give him a target date. (subject to change as the weather changes) Stay tuned!

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