Rest Time in Tingri-Getting Ready For a Summit

May 7, 2014

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12 thoughts on “Rest Time in Tingri-Getting Ready For a Summit

  1. You sound good, Bill. Nothing makes you feel better than a shower, shave and oxygenated blood. If it weren’t for the big REI sale coming up I might’ve joined you. 😉

    Be safe.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I have been really inspired to see how you have carried on with your team, in spite of what has happened to many of the sherpas and their families.

    I am also very proud of you for doing what you love. I’m 67 now and continue to travel around the world. It’s so very exciting to see what you have accomplished.

    I hope to see you when you return at the first available Adventurer’s Club meetings.

    God Go With You,

    Jack Stern

  3. Namaste Bill, Managing all the details of the pre-climb (showering, shaving, washing clothes, packing extra socks…) will prepare you and Migma for the summit push. Mike Fagan has given you a window to climb in harmony with existing and changing conditions. Our prayers are that everything remains manageable. Health and climbing blessings!


  4. Bill~

    We are all now emotionally acclimated and ready to cheer you on to the summit. Thanks for taking us all along for the climb.

  5. Bill….sounds great and enjoy the sauna in Tingri and keep in front of those dogs. Climbing starts now and I know you will be ready when they “ring the bell!” Hope the weather cooperates, get those boot warmers out and “one step at a time!!!!”


  6. Hi Bill.

    I know the Second Step is daunting, and I believe there is a difficult and risky traverse beneath the step. Exposed summit ridge, the cold, a rock climb beneath the summit. Yet you’re handling all this with equanimity.

    Anyone doing this hill at any age is extraordinary. I need to know what makes you tick as I would like to follow in your footsteps.

    But I’ll let you unpack first.


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