Waiting for a Weather Window

May 13, 2014

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(audio slightly cut off at the end)

Waiting in CBC for the weather to change
Waiting in CBC for the weather to change


Dining Tent
Dining Tent



9 thoughts on “Waiting for a Weather Window

  1. Bill…hang in there with the “North side hang” as they say and take it “day by day!” Get some good exercise in…few photo hikes, some push-ups and hopefully read some of those books I gave you. I know you will be ready when the “bell rings” and off to the summit.

  2. Bill, I suppose “It’s all up in the air” was an unintentional pun.

    But seriously, nature humbles us on so many levels.

    You’re doing all you can do. The mountain will be the final arbiter.


  3. Mr. Burke,
    Wishing you a good weather window for safe passage up and back down. Thank you for keeping us informed about your trip. The photos are beautiful.
    Joni Allen Ooms

  4. Namaste Bill, A very newsy audio report. I like John and Paul’s comments: exercise is important, and as far as predicting the weather–“it’s all up in the air”. Following the Chinese up the mountain past camp three is feasible–sans any monsoons. Other complications add to the decision-making mix.

    Hiking blessings,


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