Calling from Camp 3

May 23, 2014

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After posting this audio, Bill called his wife and said he is almost out of battery on his phone so we are not sure when we will hear from him (he will get an earful later about that). He will leave for the summit about 6am California time on May 24th  and we are not certain how long it may take to reach the summit, but we may not hear anything until Sunday the 25th.

To give you an idea where he is on the mountain, see the map below with this info. Photos in the links below are from a prior trip.

Courtesy of Alan Arnette
Photo courtesy of Alan Arnette


19 thoughts on “Calling from Camp 3

  1. Great to hear his voice. Incredible, considering where he is. Safe travels up and down. Looking forward to any and all updates. Thanks!

  2. Above 8,000 meters, and only a few of you at that altitude on the entire planet.

    At sea level, I am shaking my head in amazement.

    You get down safe; your family and friends will be there.


  3. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the report, it’s great to hear that you are so close to the top of the world! it’s the next day here what with the time distance and all, so perhaps you’ve already summited and are now making your way back down.

    Thinking of you, hoping you are safe and well! Sending many good wishes to you!

  4. Dearest Bill, (and Sharon):

    My heart will be in my throat until we hear from Sharon.

    Best thoughts, prayers and wishes be with you the whole way up and down. Love, Lori

  5. Hi Bill,

    So glad to hear you summited Mt. Everest, and on the way back down. I’ve been praying for
    your safety, and I know the the Good Lord had his Hand on you all the way up, and all the way down.

    Be blessed,

    Jack Stern/Adventurer’s Club

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