May 23, 2014

Last night (Friday, May 23rd) Bill’s wife Sharon reported “Just got a phone call from Mingma, which made my heart skip a beat or two, he is the Sirdar for Bill’s expedition. I guess he will be the one calling me from this point. Bill is at 8,300 meters or Camp 3 (27,000+ft.). It is noon there now and he said Bill is taking a rest day and will head for the summit tomorrow. So good to talk with Mingma even though we have a very hard time understanding each other. I hope I got the details right. Mingma is at a lower camp.”

We are waiting to hear from him and a little uncertain about the timing of when he could potentially reach the summit. This map shows progress at this time- you can zoom in to get a better idea.
Click here to view 3D map of Bill’s last recorded location.

We hope to update again soon and appreciate your prayers for a safe journey up and down the mountain for everyone involved.

Bill’s Family