Waiting to hear summit news

May 23, 2014

Last night (Friday, May 23rd) Bill’s wife Sharon reported “Just got a phone call from Mingma, which made my heart skip a beat or two, he is the Sirdar for Bill’s expedition. I guess he will be the one calling me from this point. Bill is at 8,300 meters or Camp 3 (27,000+ft.). It is noon there now and he said Bill is taking a rest day and will head for the summit tomorrow. So good to talk with Mingma even though we have a very hard time understanding each other. I hope I got the details right. Mingma is at a lower camp.”

We are waiting to hear from him and a little uncertain about the timing of when he could potentially reach the summit. This map shows progress at this time- you can zoom in to get a better idea.
Click here to view 3D map of Bill’s last recorded location.

We hope to update again soon and appreciate your prayers for a safe journey up and down the mountain for everyone involved.

Bill’s Family


8 thoughts on “Waiting to hear summit news

  1. Thanks for the update. Just a mere 550m from the top. Hoping for a good rest, great weather and a summit with a safe return down the mountain. Thoughts and prayers for everyone at this time.

  2. Hello to Sharon and Bill’s family.

    I’m sure you got the details right, and am thus absolutely astonished at Bill’s rate of ascent, already at 27,000ft!

    Ordinarily I would almost consider his performance physiologically impossible, especially at age 72.

    But he is doing it! Both Bill (and Dawes Eddy) inspired me to return to mountaineering at age 58, and I owe them both a debt of gratitude.

    Let’s hope for Bill’s success, but most important, his safety.

    Paul from Hingham, MA

  3. Thanks for the updates. I love following Bill’s journey. I wish him and all the climbers a safe and uneventful summit and then a safe and uneventful return home! What an incredible man he is. Truly inspiring. Sending positive vibes.
    PS can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  4. Keeping Bill and team in my prayers. Things seem lined up for him.
    In Colorado looking at 14,000 ft mountains and realizing that Bill probably 2x what I’m looking up at. It’s amazingly that he can do it.

    Can’t wait to hear that he’s summited
    And is safely back down were humans live.

    Thanks Shar

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