May 27, 2014

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The report is a bit muffled- his family understands it, but in case others cannot- Bill called his wife Sharon before this report who took some brief notes to summarize the gist of things:

snowed all the way up to summit

spent one night at camp 3

woke up next am  full on storm

got down to camp 2 blizzard at that point, hurricane type winds with snow

2 indians dad and sherpas  was scary

stopped at camp 2 but tents were all broken from wind

stayed for awhile then moved down to no col

totally exposed to wind on way down

couldn’t see person in front of him

couldn’t move fast,

was tired from summiting

waist high snow

got to no col into tents day before yesterday

came down headwall steep and dangerous in storm

no footholds , all covered with soft deep snow

got in last night  to abc

at this point they are safe

very tired

snowing and blowing on summit,,, no view,,,

continued storm since may 24

now wants to get down and home

hopes to get to Chinese base camp in one day

indians still with him,,  fun to have

took photos on summit, thinks they will be good

likes his sherpas

frostnipped fingers