Back at Chinese Base Camp

May 29, 2014

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Sorry this is a bit muffled so in case it is hard to understand, the gist of it is:

Bill is back at Chinese Base Camp.  He sadly reports the death of a Sherpa at Camp 3 who was with a polish climber from another team.

He has frost-nip on 4 fingers and hoping 1 is not frostbite. He is hoping to be able to take a jeep all the way to Kathmandu and not have to stay the night in Tibet which would be the normal course of action.  He will report again from Kathmandu and thanks you for all of your thoughts and prayers.



16 thoughts on “Back at Chinese Base Camp

  1. Bill

    Again, Excellent Effort! Now is the time to re-stoke the human furnace!!! Eat,eat, eat! Gain back all that weight you sacrificed to the Mountain God! Enjoy your success!

    Don Croley

  2. My congratulations on a safe decent, so sorry to hear the news of the camp 3 sherpa.

    Safe trip to Kathmandu, thank you for your constant reports, my family and I were worried for you.

    Take Care,

    Tim in the UK.

  3. Namaste Bill. Courage and perseverance were your strengths on Everest, and now the only courage you need is enough to take you from one moment to the next: CBC-Kathmandu-home. The love of family and friends plus a Mexican dinner await your return!

    Travel blessings,


  4. I’m sorry about another Sherpa death. Try not to carry this burden with you, as you have carried enough. Mountaineering is dangerous.

    What you have done would be extraordinary for someone half your age.

    I am amazed and always will be.


  5. Hi Bill,

    I’m most relieved to hear that you made it all the way down safely!!

    Wishing for you a safe and restful journey home. And that your fingers are quickly completely recovered.

    Thank you for all the reports, and Congratulations on your epic climb! 🙂


  6. Well done Bill, well done… we are proud of your extraordinary accomplishment and anxiously await your return to Orange County… our thoughts are with the sherpa’s family… may he rest in peace…

  7. Bill…so glad that you down all the way safely, and drive safely to Kathmandu. See me right away when you get back to Costa Mesa if your fingers continue to bug you…several of my climbing mates have overcome frostbite quickly with the proper treatment (hyperbolic, etc.)

    Keep on savoring your success and your “determination.”


  8. Bill. We are so glad you are down and on solid ground. God was by your side all the way and we are so proud you accomplished your goal Can’t wait for you to be back in Costa Mesa

  9. What a journey! You’ve been through the agony and the ecstasy and it has been an adventure for me to be able to follow it from a safe distance. Thank you for making that possible. Wishing you well as you make your way home.

  10. Bill, Congratulations on you and your team’s accomplishment!
    Have a safe journey home – we look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back.
    Highest regards,
    Jeff Sorrell

  11. Bill,

    Your courage and stamina and incredible accomplishment is beyond impressive feats and endurance! It’s a triumph of the Human Spirit!

    You inspire all of your followers and fans— especially the O. F. (old farts) like me.

    I pray for your safe return.

  12. Bill–Onion rings, greasy burgers and a liberal amount of ethanol aid tremendously in recovery from a hard climb.

    Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You are my inspiration.


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