At the Yak & Yeti Hotel- Good News About Sherpa

June 1, 2014

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18 thoughts on “At the Yak & Yeti Hotel- Good News About Sherpa

  1. Bill, all the news is wonderful! Amen! and Hallelujah! You sound happy and strong. Well done! If you can, please share your arrival flight, time, airport, et al. Safe travels for the journey home.

  2. Bill…you sound fantastic and what a great way to lose weight…he! he! Would love to see a photo of you before you lose that weight and with your nice Everest sun tan. Hope the fingers are doing well and so nice that you are waiting till the whole crew makes it back to Kathmandu…the dinner at the Rum Doodle or Everest Restaurant will be a wonderful celebration. Enjoy the city and get out to Bhaktapur early one morning for a good spiritual day..also, a nice left walk around Boudhnath. Enjoy and savor every moment. Great weather here in Southern California.

    Tashi Delek,


  3. Bill I have waited daily for your reports like a child waiting for Christmas ! Now what? – Just like Christmas, do I have to wait for another year for it all to come ’round again?

    Thank you so much for a great set of reports, you are indeed a true inspiration and it has been an honour to follow your progress (Oh and as a side, Congratulations on the summit !!). Great great news about the Sherpa.

    I hope you have a good final stay in Kathmandu and God speed you home to your family.

    Thank you so much again.

    Tim Kehoe in the U.K.

    p.s. I’m trying to get a copy of your DVD but struggling a bit here in the UK, will try again to order on-line.

    With Very Best wishes.


  4. Congratulations on your successful summit of the North Side of Everest! We so much enjoyed sharing the whole adventure with your various reports. Hope there will be an opportunity to hear about it from you in person at some future date. We shared your documentary with a group at Burbank First Pres and they loved it! Hope you will be home with your family by June 9th. I’m sure it will be a great reunion!

  5. Bill, so good to hear your strong voice. I echo John Dahlem’s comments–enjoy the spiritual time outside of Kathmandu. Relish eating in a restaurant, having Badri bring you the newspapers in the dining room at the Y & Y, reflecting on your accomplishment–priceless. If there were a sub-title to this year’s north climb (snow summit and finding the “lost” sherpa) it might be: Miracles on Everest–The Bill Burke Story (the sequel to Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story).

    Blessings, blessings, blessings as you wind down and return to beautiful So Cal.


  6. Hi Bill,

    I’m not a mountaineer, ( but slightly obsessed with everything Everest) and I’ve only ever “met” you from reading about you, and from this blog, and by watching your videos,… so it’s a bit funny that I feel so very relieved and happy that you are completely safe and feeling good after your amazing and epic journey! 🙂

    I think you are a wonderful family man, and such a fine grandfather, and advocate for persons with disabilities. I have an autistic son who loves sidecars and we both really enjoyed watching the video of “Papa and Ollie” on youtube. 🙂

    Good news indeed about the Sherpa!

    Looking forward to seeing all the photos from your Everest 2014 expedition-Congratulations once again!

  7. Hello Bill.

    You sound more like yourself, in fact you don’t sound like you lost 21 pounds one bit. I’m sure the good news about the Sherpa as well as some rest and decent food back at the hotel helped greatly.

    To Bill’s friends who have written responses, I have never met Bill Burke. Perhaps some day I will, perhaps not. We do have mountaineering in common, and have been corresponding off and on for almost two years. I do know he is deeply religious, and has as full a life as anyone can imagine.

    I will miss hearing about his expedition, as well as reading the responses from his wonderful (and many) friends.

    Paul from Hingham, MA

  8. Bill,
    Back in crazy Kat, love the place. Great accomplishment, hope your fingers are ok. Wonderful news about the Sherpa. Rest well and gain the weight back.

  9. Congratulations Bill!!!! Glad to hear you weathered the storm to make it to the summit! Hope your fingers are healing & thanks for the update on the lost Sherpa, hope he heals quickly as well! I’m sure your Sherpa family will appreciate spending time with you & your family in Cali will be looking forward to seeing you soon! Safe travels back to the states, we look forward to seeing your upcoming pics & video. Come join us sometime for a Fourteener hike, we could do a couple in one day to add up to almost Everest Height! 🙂 Jill & Rich Smith, Leadville, CO

  10. What a thrill it has been hearing the reports. I have been hanging on every word.
    When you get back and have had some family time will you be doing any presentations near your home. I live so very close to Costa Mesa. Met you at the Adventurer’s Club, maybe doing a presentation there?? What a treat that will be.
    Continue to be well and be safe.

    Carol Lee

  11. Bill you sound so good again like yourself great news about the Sherpa Have a safe trip home and be ready for that big pasta dinner we will help you get that 21 pounds back in no time and once again so proud of your accomplishments

  12. Hey Bill,

    Glad to hear you made it, and you and the team are back safely.

    I know that the prayers were working, and that God had his hand on you.



    p.s. can’t wait to hear your talk with pics at the club.

  13. Bill,

    Glad that you are back down and preparing to Summit Costa Mesa!!! We are praying for you and for a safe trip back home!


    Julian Buitrago, Lil Julian and his 3rd grade Class!

    Union, NJ

  14. Bill huge congratulations. We last met at crampon point, shook hands and well wished. I didnt hear about you again till we returned to ABC having summitted in the early hours of Saturday morning the 24th and indeed of your summit. I was delighted to hear your news and your safety. The courage and determination you hold in abundance is indeed and should be an inspiration to the rest of us. I am in total admiration being a young 52 and with only one Mount Everest summit !! Enjoy Italy. I am enjoying being home and with all my loved ones whom I missed terribly and appreciate so much more. Absense makes the heart grow fonder – its true !!
    Regards and best wishes BIll. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you at BC and sharing a drink (non alcolholic) over a game of pool …


  15. Bill:

    Just a follow-up to Kevin’s message….last week at the meeting the Adventurers’ Club members went wild after I announced that you summited Mt. Everest for the second time……they were in awe especially when I informed them of the awful and dangerous conditions that were a part of your climb and especially your way down off the mountain.

    Many kudos Bill and we await your return to the Club.



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