Movie of my Everest North 2014 Climb

Costa Mesa, Ca.

June 23, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

In this post, I am sharing with you a 36-minute movie of my climb of Mt. Everest in 2014.   I hope you enjoy this movie.

If you are interested in seeing dramatic videos showing the South side route in Nepal and the North side route in Tibet, click here.

Thanks for following my expedition this year. Your good thoughts and prayers sustained me throughout the climb.

God Bless You,


(best to view in full screen mode)






11 thoughts on “Movie of my Everest North 2014 Climb

  1. Magnificent accomplishment……I found my heart pounding with rapid respirations….in the dizziness of the heights of strength and endurance necessary…thank you again for the trek……and many thanks to our Lord for the protection and guidance given you.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I’m only 3 minutes in, and I had to take a wee break from the relentless adventure haha. It does look fun but it’s all so very scarily high up. I was amazed that you could just walk off a cliff!
    I liked ” don’t run any red lights” 🙂

    OK! Ready now to return to your fantastic movie-thanks so much for posting it here for us!

    Take care Bill!



  3. How extraordinary!! Thank you so much, Bill, for sharing your in incredible journey to the summit. I loved being able to see up close and personal your steps up, and down, Sagarmatha, the goddess of the sky.

  4. Congratulations on your North Side Summit and enjoyed the video and thank you for sharing with us. Praise God for a safe journey and many answered prayers. I know it is good to be back with your family and the USA. Good to have you home. Take care

  5. Congratulations on your summit. This is a great video it gives a lot of insight to life on Everest. Thanks for taking a guy and his quadriplegic wife to the top of the world we both enjoyed it immensely!!!!

  6. This video of your 2014 climb to the top of the world brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful documentation of your climb to the North Side of Mt. Everest. I almost felt like I was there. The exception being it is a wa rm 90 degrees here in Valencia. God has blessed you

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