Burke Khang

Costa Mesa, California

August 6, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

I have some exciting news to share!

On May 21, 2014, the government of Nepal announced the opening of 104 new peaks in the fabled Himalayan mountain range. One of those peaks is named after me.

“Burke Khang” (“Khang” means mountain) is located in the Solukhumbu/NC region, between Mt. Everest and Cho Oyu, two of the most famous mountains in the world. Burke Khang is 6,942 meters (22,775 feet) high, and is a border peak, since half of it is located in Nepal and the other half is located in China. This seems appropriate since I have summited Mt. Everest from both the South (Nepal) approach and the North (Tibet) approach. Burke Khang is an unclimbed peak, so now I have a new challenge, and I most certainly plan to accept that challenge.

Ang Tshering Sherpa, the President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, recommended that this mountain be named after me, and his recommendation was accepted by the Association, the Ministry of Tourism, the Nepalese Cabinet and the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Before receiving this totally unexpected news, I had already worked up a 3-year adventure plan, which I will share with you soon. Somehow, I’ll work Burke Khang into that plan.

Here is a complete list of the 104 new peaks.


Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot


Screen Shot 3



47 thoughts on “Burke Khang

  1. Bill,

    That is so cool and well deserved!! I am so proud and think about how my kids, their kids and on and on will be able to learn about this and the pride they will have. Let’s just hope they don’t start naming some of your more dubious, non- mountaineering accomplishments after you. I won’t go into those here though. Congrats !!!


  2. Congratulations Bill. That’s really impressive, and well deserved. Until now I figured this years summit
    would end your climbing in the Himalayas. Now there’s more to look forward to.

  3. Bill, everyone in your “comment section” have said what all of us would say, so I will say “ditto”.

    I went to my gym sometime ago not to be undone by Bill Burke, I tried climbing the “WALL”, took two guys to help me, holding on to my back side, got up about half way, they suggested “we’ll help you down”! “Maybe you (Ms. Niehold) should try the children’s wall the next time you come in. I wasn’t embarrassed, but a little humiliated, What a laugh we’ve had! Again Bill, CONGRATULATIONS.
    Joe Ann

  4. Good evening from the UK Bill,

    Congratulations on the Mountain Name, I’m just a little concerned that you might be changing the website name to ‘Bill Burke – 112 Summits’ – Just imagine how long the new video will be !!

    Take care you, I hope you are keeping well.

    With very best wishes,

    Tim K.

  5. Bill, this is amazing and really special. That said, I’m not sure the family will be anxious to have you on that mountain!!! Looking forward to hearing more of the details.

  6. Congratulations Mr. Burke! That is such an honor!!! I am very proud of you! I will try to help Lisa
    not to worry too much as you continue on with your adventures! That’s very exciting news, and I wish you all the best!
    Love, Tricia

  7. Hi Bill!

    Great accomplishment to have summited from the north, and now a peak named for you, wow!

    It would be my pleasure and honour to climb it with you after our great time on Vinson. I’m leaving next week to climb Peak Lenin in Kirghizstan.

    Michel Waechter

  8. Dear Bill & family,

    Bill, this makes me cry tears of joy. I think of how proud your mother & father would be of you. Wow! you & your family will live on through the ages with this mt. named after you. That is such an incredible honor, one I know is very difficult to come by & speaks highly of what the world thinks of you, no more than I do however. This mt. tells of your greaat courage, committment, compassion & love. May God’s blessings always shine upon you because you are a channel for His great love.
    Love & Hugs, Betty

  9. Bill,
    what an amazing honor, congratulations.
    In our world of war and destruction it is wonderful to see that there can be peaceful and cross border recognition of great achievements.
    Be safe in future adventures and God speed

  10. Certainly a well earned honor that puts your mark on the Himalayas! Congratulations to you and your family and especially Sharon for the support they have had to provided for all your adventures! Looking forward to your next presentation.

    Larry Thompson

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