Miscellaneous Update

Costa Mesa, California

September 24, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

Some of you have asked about Ollie. Here is a recent photo taken in front of our home in Costa Mesa, California.

Ollie 1

Ollie is 14 and just entered the 9th grade Special Education Program at Estancia High School. He has outgrown his bicycle trailer. I plan to purchase an adult-sized trailer so we can continue our training exercises. He continues to be my Training Partner, best buddy, inspiration, and hero.

Things have gotten a little complicated with my plan to be the first person to climb Burke-Khang, the mountain in the Himalaya range that was recently named after me by the Government of Nepal. A review of photos of the mountain and the surrounding region indicate that there may not be a clear line or ridge to the summit. On both sides of Burke-Khang are other peaks which block any easy ramp-up access to the ridgeline for the mountain. I have hired two Sherpas to travel to the mountain on a reconnaissance mission. They should report back in a few weeks. If I climb Burke-Khang, it will probably be in the Autumn of 2015. I hope I can put this trip together because I’m already starting to feel the gravity pull of my old friend, Chomolumna. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, I depart for North Dakota to pick up my beloved motorcycle. In June of 1995, I purchased a Honda Shadow, American Classic, 1100cc, motorcycle, the first of my 3 bikes (I also have two Harleys). In September of 1995, I rode the Honda to North Dakota (see this trip report). The bike was then shipped to Hong Kong where Sharon and I  lived for 3-years. I rode the bike all over Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. When we returned to the states in 2000, I shipped the bike to Egeland, North Dakota, where it has been stored in a garage behind the house I purchased for Sharon (her childhood home). Now, it’s time to reunite the Honda with its siblings. My goal is to outrun the weather on the return trip to California.

Here is a photo of the Honda (on the right) and one of my Harleys in front of Sharon’s house. Sharon and I, and her Aunt Beverly and Uncle Harold,  are standing behind the bikes. The second photo is my fourth bike, a Honda scooter, located at our condo in Palm Desert. I won’t be riding that home from North Dakota.



In August, I completed a 5-day, 55.7 mile, backpack in the High Sierra along the Pacific Crest Trail. You can view  my 25-minute video of the trip here.

Last week, the Costa Mesa City Council presented me with a Certificate of Recognition for my two summits of Mt. Everest. I didn’t get a key to the City, so I won’t be conducting tours of City Hall, but I love the Certificate, and it is prominently displayed in my office.


I hope you all had a great summer.



11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Update

  1. Ollie looks great…get him into wrestling at Estancia (I had many special needs young men wrestle and they loved it)…should be fun with him and I know he is looking forward to your next training gig. Loved the Sierra hike and beautiful landscapes…only 2,600 miles to go.

    “One step at a time!”


  2. Thank you so much for these great photos. Ollie is getting so big. He is almost as tall as you are, Bill. The meadows look familar. It has been a long time since I hiked over there from Mammoth so you brought back fond memories for me. I love the pictures of you & Sharon too & your lovely places away from home. I remember staying at your folks place in Palm Dessert with my folks & now my niece lives there.
    Keep safe on your travels! Love & Blessings, Betty

  3. Great photo, wow, Ollie is a big boy! I like Johns’ comment about the wrestling for Ollie, that would be awesome. Safe trip Bill, I am looking forward to the adult trailer so we can ride again.

  4. Greetings from a foggy Beijing, Bill… Am here on a biz trip… Enjoyed your post and update… You and Ollie look great… Finding a route up/down BK is an adventure in itself… Am sure you and your team will find a good route… C u soon at NOHA… K;-)

  5. Dear Bill,
    Me and my grandma really enjoy reading and listening to your posts. I am 10 years old in 5th grade and I am truly inspired by your accomplishments! Post again soon! 🙂

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