Subject: Billings to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah
October 6, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

Here is my report for the last two days.

Billings, Montana  to Butte, Montana (October 4)

I didn’t make a lot of forward progress on this ride. I enjoyed clear skies and a bright sun, and I was even able to remove my gloves.  But, the wind really slowed me down. For most of the ride, I was battling headwinds of over 30-miles per hour. Without a windshield for protection, this makes for a very tough and tiring ride. But, I’m not complaining because I had relief from the bitter cold and rain.

The other reason for my slow progress on this day is that I pulled into Bozeman for lunch. The Stanford/Notre Dame football game was on television, and I couldn’t leave until halftime.

For the next segment of the ride, I will jump on Highway 15 South, which will take me through Idaho, Utah and Nevada into California.

Butte, Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah (October 5)

This was a “Triple Zero” weather day-0 wind, 0 rain & 0 cold. Triple Zero days and the spectacular countryside were created by God just for bikers. This was a fun ride into Salt Lake City. I made fantastic progress because of the good weather. I exited Montana and blasted through Idaho, almost without stopping. All along the way, I layered down with the clothing and lathered my face with sunblock. Next thing you know, I’ll be complaining about the heat. I’m loving it.

One problem: as I head further South, I encounter more traffic. The bucolic countryside is replaced by congested freeways. This is not fun. I’m hoping the ride tomorrow will be more open and less stressful once I get out of Salt Lake City.

I hope to reach Las Vegas on October 6 and arrive home on October 7.

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4 thoughts on “Subject: Billings to Salt Lake City

  1. Bill I ride along with you on your many adventures. Better than a book and bonus that I know you personally. So glad you show the way to living life to it’s fullest. We that follow you can share it…thanks.

  2. Bill, you’ve just missed the heavy traffic coming out of Southern Utah–the St. George Marathon was held on Saturday (7,800 runners). The I-15 should have two lanes reopened southbound, between Mesquite and Maopa since the floods in September washed out a mile section of the I-15. A side diversion through Zion would be refreshing .

    Travel blessings,


  3. Bill —

    You surely earned a 0-0-0 day. As to the increased traffic, are you interested in 2-lane highways that the freeways have drained the traffic off them?

    Have you thought of going south on US 89 instead of I-15? In the autumn season, for what it is worth, I once experienced spectacular leaf displays on Utah Hwy 143 out of Panguitch from US 89. In Panguitch there is a pleasant B&B called “Panguitch House” ( [email protected] ). The wonderful host is named Kim; she makes breakfast to order.


  4. Hey Bill,

    One of Adventurers Club following your progress. It’s warm by the time you arrive in Vegas. Please remember to takes extra sips of water along the way.

    Blue skies and fair winds,

    Jack Srern

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