Salt Lake City to– can you guess where I am now?


Las Vegas, Nevada
October 7, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

Another great day on the road. I traveled through Utah, a sliver of Arizona and into Nevada. For a good part of the trip I enjoyed tailwinds.

The weather held up, but the heat was pretty overbearing, and exceeded 100 degrees at times. I pulled into Las Vegas dressed in sandals, light pants and a t-shirt. Tomorrow will be even hotter on the home stretch to Costa Mesa.

After all I have been through, I decided to treat myself in Las Vegas by staying at a 5-Star hotel, like Caesar’s Palace, the MGM Grand or Bellagio. I ended up at the Red Roof Inn, just off the strip. Fifty bucks a night. Check it out.


Tomorrow is my last day of the trip, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll file my last report when I’m home.


vegas5 vegas4




5 thoughts on “Salt Lake City to– can you guess where I am now?

  1. Thanks Bill ( and Doug’s humor) for the reminder(s) that there is a “kid” inside us waiting for adventure. May your last leg of the journey be filled with blessings and more adventure(s).


  2. Thanks for sharing your trip home with us Uncle Bill! How amazing is it that you left ND in cold weather and then arrive home with overwhelming sun. What an experience. I love your casino photo. Did crossing your fingers help you win anything? 🙂

  3. You should of stayed at one of many on the strip after all you went through getting home and then gambled all night that’s what Sharon and me would have done The Gamblers what we love to do So glad you are back

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