Las Vegas, Nevada
October 7, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

Another great day on the road. I traveled through Utah, a sliver of Arizona and into Nevada. For a good part of the trip I enjoyed tailwinds.

The weather held up, but the heat was pretty overbearing, and exceeded 100 degrees at times. I pulled into Las Vegas dressed in sandals, light pants and a t-shirt. Tomorrow will be even hotter on the home stretch to Costa Mesa.

After all I have been through, I decided to treat myself in Las Vegas by staying at a 5-Star hotel, like Caesar’s Palace, the MGM Grand or Bellagio. I ended up at the Red Roof Inn, just off the strip. Fifty bucks a night. Check it out.


Tomorrow is my last day of the trip, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll file my last report when I’m home.


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