Costa Mesa, California

October 8, 2014

Dear Family & Friends:

I’m home!

The ride home began with a rainstorm just outside of  Las Vegas. Don’t tell me that storm was a freak act of nature in the desert. When that didn’t stop me, the clouds parted, and the sun moved in for the kill. I baked in the sun all the way home, but made it safely.

My bike performed to absolute perfection. No doubt it was anxious to get as far away from that garage in North Dakota as possible.

The trip was an interesting and eventful 2,000 miles through 7 states. There were no close calls. The most dangerous and scary part of the trip was the last 50-miles from home on the California freeway system. Why do so many reckless drivers migrate to California? Lane changers, not speeders, pose the greatest risk to motorcyclists. That’s why I try to travel in the far right lane where I only worry about one lane of cars on my left. Please remember to look over your shoulder when you change lanes, and don’t rely just on your mirrors.

Here’s another piece of advice: if I ever ask you to join me on an adventure outing, don’t say a word. Just run, run, run away as fast as you can!



The California desert


My loyal & beloved bike…. and wife (sorry Sharon)