Costa Mesa, Ca.

June 2, 2015

Dear Family & Friends:

My filmmaker, Allan Smith, advises me that “Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” is in full release around the world. It is currently available for purchase or rent on Amazon and for download and streaming on Vimeo. International distribution company, John McLean Media, will be distributing the 47-minute film to television stations around the world and through video on demand platforms such as Netflix and i-Tunes. The film has been updated from the previous version to include an Epilogue highlighting my 2014 North side summit of Mt. Everest.

You can rent or purchase the film at this Vimeo link: In order to view the movie on Vimeo, you will need a Vimeo account, which, like You Tube, is easy and free to open. Be sure to watch in “full screen” mode. You can purchase the DVD at the film’s website.