Days 1 & 2-June 23 & 24

Costa Mesa, Ca.

June 25, 2015

Dear Family & Friends:

Here is a photo/video recap of days 1 & 2 in America.

Bill Burke

Mingma at airport
Mingma at LAX
Mingma’s First meal in America-pasta!
Mingma at Angel Stadium
Mingma at Stadium
The President of the Nepal Fan Club




5 thoughts on “Days 1 & 2-June 23 & 24

  1. Bill,

    I have really enjoyed your commentary and pictures of Mingma and his family. Mingma was my very competent and helpful Sirdar in 2013. What a great experience for both of you and your families!


    1. Hello Dawes. Thank you for the thoughtful and encouraging letter you sent me over two years ago. I had summited Denali in 2011 at age 59 after being semi-retired from mountaineering. Now I’m back in the race. Much of this I attribute to you and Bill Burke. Thank you again.

      Paul from Hingham, Massachusetts

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