Costa Mesa, Ca.

June 28, 2015

Dear Family & Friends:

On June 26, we visited historic Laguna Beach on the California coast. Then, a quick trip to New York.

We concluded the day with a stroll around Balboa Island and dinner at one of the Island restaurants.

I insisted that Mingma look the “Beach Boy” part by purchasing some shorts and sandals. K-Mart fit the bill perfectly.

Surfing lessons are scheduled for July 2 on 24th Street. Before this trip to California, Mingma never set foot in the ocean. He tells me he is not a good swimmer. Wait till you see that footage!


At beach

First look at the Pacific Ocean

Sea Level

Mingma & Bill at sea level

Mingam & Bill Summit

Mingma & Bill at 29.035 feet above sea level


Pageant of the Masters


Quick trip to New York


Balboa Island walk


Visiting a dear old friend


Dinner at Barolo by the Sea-Lori, Mingma, Bill, Blake, Sharon & Luke (our birthday boy)