So Close…. The Smart Decision To Turn Around

We just received this info from Garrett’s support team…

“The climbing team got extremely close to the summit and unfortunately had to head back due to a very dangerous rock face. They believed the rock shelf was prone to falling. They are now headed back down to Camp 1.”

We are happy they are safe and made this smart decision. We will post again tomorrow.



16 thoughts on “So Close…. The Smart Decision To Turn Around

  1. I guess you can consider all this the exploratory scouting and groundwork for a grudge match. Like Viesturs said, getting to the top is optional, getting back down is mandatory. Consider me continually in awe, Bill.

  2. I know how frustrating that must be–so close! But you’re following our “prime directive” as mountaineers–stay alive to climb another time. Part of our sport is exercising sound judgment, even when the ego or our need to get to the top is telling us otherwise. You exercised very sound judgment–I’m so proud to have been associated with this expedition.

  3. Sounds like an easy and smart decision to make, and I am glad you did!!
    You made it UP the mountain, maybe not all the way to the top, but “up it” nonetheless!!
    CHEERING YOU ON the whole way back down to Camp 1!

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