Costa Mesa, California

January 27, 2016

Dear Family & Friends:

Ollie is back in the hospital.

As many of you know, Oliver Dillon, my 15-year old grandson, has a severe disability. On top of this disability, he suffers from seizure-like episodes that cause him to stop breathing for periods of time that can last over 60 seconds. When this occurs, his lips turn blue, he shakes and gasps for breath, and, eventually, he collapses and nearly passes out. The episodes are relentless, sometimes occurring over 100-times per day.

In 2009, we admitted Ollie to Childrens’ Hospital of Orange County and Childrens’ Hospital of Los Angeles for testing. He was in these hospitals for over 8-weeks. He was seen by doctors who specialize in every medical specialty known to human-kind. After all the testing, we were given no answers, except that the doctors are sure these are not seizures. So, he was discharged, and we learned to live with the pain, anxiety and uncertainty. Rather, I should say, Ollie has learned to live with the pain, anxiety and uncertainty. I cannot even begin to describe his bravery and courage in the face of this overwhelming adversity.

In the last few months, the episodes have increased in intensity and duration. At times, we feared Ollie would not self-resuscitate. So, on January 26, we re-admitted him to Childrens’ Hospital of Orange County for more testing. I spent the night with him last night, and tonight his bed-companion is his Mom, my daughter, Amy. I am so proud of Amy, Simon and Ollie’s 4 siblings, who love him to the Moon and back.

If you have room in your prayers for one more deserving soul, please consider Ollie, my beloved Training Partner and Best Buddy.

Hug your children and grandchildren.



Ollie being hooked up to a continuous EEG


Ollie with his EEG skull cap


Ollie & Mom


Ollie & Papa


Sheena (Ollie’s beloved nurse from 2009), Amy & Ollie


My Hero