Costa Mesa, Ca.

October 23, 2016

Dear Family & Friends:

I’m over the moon excited! Tonight, I depart for Kathmandu, Nepal. This is my 10th trip to Nepal in the last 10 years. Some of my friends call me “Mr.Mayor” (of Kathmandu). David, my climbing partner, calls me “El Capitan.”

This is the trip I have longed for and dreamed about since I returned home after my first attempt to climb Burke-Khang last Autumn. After a short layover in Hong Kong, I will arrive in Kathmandu at 10 pm on October 24. David arrives the following day. On October 27, we fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and begin the 50+ mile trek to Burke-Khang Base Camp. Both of us will be posting expedition reports, photos and video on our websites.

I have some new equipment that allows me to send e-mail updates and allows you to track the progress of the Burke-Khang expedition.

I recently purchased an inReach Explorer satellite tracking device. With this equipment, I can send e-mail updates that will be posted on my website. These updates can be sent from virtually anywhere in Nepal. The messages are transmitted through a satellite, so all I need is a clear view of the sky, which I will have the entire trip.

The inReach also allows me to send route tracking information that will appear on a map which is located on my website. By logging onto the map, you will be able to see exactly where we are at all times during the expedition. Here is how it works: when you log on to, you will see a link that states “Burke-Khang 2016.” That link has 2 dropdown options: “Where’s Bill?” and “Photos and Video.” If you choose “Where’s Bill?,” you will see a map with our current location. If you choose “Photos & Video,” you will see photos and video that I have shared in my trip reports. The first few photos now in this link depict the route we will follow on the trek to Burke-Khang and the climb. Please consult these routes from time-to-time to gain perspective on where we are, where we have been and what lies ahead.

The inReach, like my Spot satellite tracker, has an SOS feature (see the red button in the photo below) that allows the user to summon help in case of an emergency. If you know anyone who is planning a wilderness trip, make sure they own one of these devices. They save lives.

David has the same equipment, so I urge you to consult his website for trip reports, photos and tracking information.

See you in Kathmandu!





Going over the equipment checklist


All this has to go up the mountain on my back? Yikes!!