More Contretemps at the Airport

Kathmandu, Nepal
October 26, 2017

Dear Family & Friends:

Picking up where Lisa left off, I missed my October 23, 9:30 am departure  by 12 hours. So, here I am at LAX at 6:30 pm on October 23, and my flight doesn’t leave until 1 am on October 24. What to do for 6 hours? I’m tired and hungry, so I order some chips and salsa and a glass of wine at a restaurant near the gate and try to pass the time. As the hours pass, I’m getting more bored and even more tired. I sit myself down in a waiting area near the gate and decide to catch a short nap before boarding time.  Do you see where this is going?

I’m jolted awake at 1:10 am and sprint to the gate. Too late, as the jetway has already pulled away from the plane. The  ticket agent informs me that I will have to return to the main terminal and rebook my flight.    She also informs me  that my bags have been pulled from the plane. She perk-walks me back to the terminal, past the shuttered restaurants, shops and stores. The terminal is deserted. A lone agent at the Cathy Pacific ticket counter (the same agent that rebooked me on the 1 am flight) books me on the 9:30 am flight on October 24, which is the same flight I missed the day before. She didn’t have the heart to charge me the $200 change fee. “Don’t miss this flight” she intones, because “all flights to Hong Kong and Kathmandu are now full.” I slept alone in the terminal lying on my bags.

Here’s the good news; I arrived in Hong Kong at 4 pm on October 25, just in time to make the  5:30 pm flight to Kathmandu. In the end, my 2nd mistake didn’t cost me precious time to get to Kathmandu. Also, on the flight to Hong Kong, I sat next to a Pastor at a major Church in Orange County, California, and he said a prayer for me when we landed. So, now I have that on my side

I arrived in Kathmandu at 10 pm on October 25, and I was in bed at the Yak & Yeti at 11 pm. More good news to show the “times-they-are-a-changing”:the hotel upgraded me to a suite at no additional charge and without me asking. Thanks Pastor Douglass.

I have a very busy day today and will report on that in the next post.

I love you guys,


Arrival in KTM
Arrival in KTM
Hotel room-Yak & Yeti
Hotel room-Yak & Yeti


9 thoughts on “More Contretemps at the Airport

  1. I’m so glad you made it safely Uncle Bill! Sheesh!! Sounds like this was all meant to be…missing those flights…😂 I’ve had a completely different picture in my mind all these years of what the Yak and Yeti looks like, so thanks for the photo!! We love you and are praying for a safe and successful trip!!

  2. Bill, your Canadian follower again here! This all goes to show the rest of us, just how determined a man you are, and that nothing, not even missing 2 flights, is going to stop you from your final destination of this first leg of the journey at hand.

    And may I say, holy smokes.. that is certainly one nice looking suite… you may have convinced my husband now, to follow me in my own dream of some day, making just to katmandu, never mind base camp. he does not like to be without his comforts in retirement, and one of them, is a good bed!

    So looking forward to the rest of your posts. Again, safe travels and I, too, look forward to the ‘book’.


  3. Honestly Bill, I love your adventures, your stories leave me with sore sides. Please, please be ever so careful… Lisa said…you are ever so important and loved at home! Praying for you and David! Have an amazing trip, may your steps be blessed and watched over! Love ya!

  4. Bill…that was a short lay over in Hong Kong…he! he!
    Just turn left at Kumjung and you be all right.
    Nice to see that Tom Bradley International Terminal now has the Bill Burke Rest Area…wow! You are famous.
    Enjoy the Dahl Bhat and I remember our mornings together drinking milk tea!
    Climb on.
    Lov ya,

  5. Hope all the bad stuff happened before you left home, so it should be smooth sailing (or should I say climbing) for the rest of your trip. You are amazing! I’m looking forward to following you up your mountain.

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