It’s a Go!

Costa Mesa, Ca.

February 27, 2017

Dear Family & Friends:

Dawa Steven called with good news. The Sherpas completed the helicopter reconnaissance and the trip is on.

Naga Dorjee Sherpa, Shera Gyaljen Sherpa and Sonam Bhote boarded the helicopter on February 25 and flew over Burke-Khang. Naga, who is my Sirdar (head Sherpa) for the expedition, reported that they found a safe route up the mountain. The giant icefall above Camp 1 that blocked our progress last year has completely collapsed. Several smaller crevasses remain, but they can be crossed with ladders. The snow is in good condition with relatively few sections of blue ice. We will bring plenty of rope line, rebars and ice screws to traverse the blue ice sections. The massive headwall to the summit ridge is steep, but we can install ladders if necessary. Unlike 2015, the ridge line appears climbable. All 3 Sherpas snapped photos and shot video. When I receive the photos, I will share some of them with you.

Naga, Shera and Sonam are greatly relieved by the conditions they viewed on the mountain. Me too, and I am so glad I commissioned this reconnaissance.

You can view the Itinerary, Trekking Map showing the location of Burke-Khang and proposed route below.

I depart on March 1. Beyond stoked and excited!



Version 2

Base Camp to Camp 1
The East Colouir (aka “Shooting Gallery”)
Camp 1 up the East Rib
P1010898 (1)_edited-1
Camp 2 to the Summit


33 thoughts on “It’s a Go!

  1. That’s great news — I’m sure stoked and excited best describes Sharon and the rest of the family!!! Safe travels and we look forward to the post and pics. Best wishes, John

  2. Bill,
    This is the third “knock at the door”–the Burke-Khang trilogy, and you have removed some previous stumbling blocks that now give you a competitive edge to make your dream a reality. Repeat, repeat, repeat until repetition become endurance–this is your strength. Have a fabulous adventure.


  3. Prayers for your safety and happiness surrounding your realization of this amazing expedition.

    Thank you for your inspiration and mentoring of perseverance of goals and love of family and friends.

    God Bless

  4. Bill,
    Praise be indeed!
    Some excitement to look forward to over the coming weeks (he says selfishly looking forward to the reports and photos!).
    Do you have a postal address and ZIP code for the summit? Gotta send a birthday card somewhere!!
    Good luck Bill,
    Tim in the U.K.

  5. Dear Bill,

    As you know, you’ve been a great source of inspiration for me and I truly admire your resolve to summit your mountain despite all the challenges it has presented.

    Best of luck and God bless you.


  6. Don’t forget that military format watch you got for Christmas. And, by the way, tell us if the sherpa reconnaissance team grenaded the cornice, or did it really collapse by itself? If the latter, I guess the previous decisions are vindicated, eh? Make sure you get an advance from the AARP Journal on your Supergeezer article and good luck.–John

  7. Great news Bill. Watched the documentary on the 8 summits which I found truly inspiring. I will be following you all the way in your latest adventure. Good luck, I and many others will be watching with eager anticipation!

  8. Dear Bill,

    My first thought ( well, after feeling ever-so-slightly anxious, but also full of awe at your tenacity) was that I hope you will have some birthday cake to eat on top of Burke -Khang when you summit.

    Sending you many positive thoughts and an abundance of best wishes for another amazing adventure, Bill!

  9. I love how the itinerary is titled Bill’s “First” Ascent of Burke-Khang, which implies if Bill makes it this trip, he intends to go back and do it again…

    Good luck Bill!

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