Greetings From Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal

March 4, 2017

Namaste Family & Friends:

So far, this trip has gone just too perfect. I haven’t fallen asleep and missed a flight. I had a great time in Hong Kong. I enjoyed a full night of sleep last night in Kathmandu. The meeting at the Ministry of Tourism was fun, and I have the permit in hand. All my electronics checked out. My climbing-trekking bags are packed. And, I fly to Lukla tomorrow morning. Life is good!

Flight to Hong Kong

The flight passed by quickly. I watched 4 movies, including some featured in the Academy Awards. I don’t go to movies, so this is my way to catch up. I heard La La Land was awarded Best Picture. Hell or High Water was far better. Jeff Bridges is the best. Have you seen The Big Lebowski or True Grit? I didn’t think so.

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I had a 10-hour layover. So, I took the train into the City and enjoyed the day. Sharon and I lived in HK for 3 years-1996-1999. We loved this City. Sharon would go back and forth, not wanting to be away from our 14 grandchildren for long stretches. In the year 2000, I was asked to be Managing Partner of my Firm’s Tokyo office. So, I had offices in both HK and Tokyo. Those were some of my best years of practicing law. I really enjoyed my trip down memory lane in HK.


The flight from HK to KTM is 5 hours. I slept the whole way. The guy seated next to me was blowing his nose the whole way. That freaked me out as I can’t get sick. Fingers crossed.

I arrived in KTM at 11 pm last night. Believe it or not, I slept soundly until 6:30 am. Is that a good omen?

Ministry of Tourism

Kaju and I met at the Ministry at 10 am this morning. The Ministry is closed, so the officials came in just for me. How cool is that? I love the people of Nepal. The Chief Ministry Official asked about Trump. I said my motto is “Make Nepal Great Again.” That went over well. I left with Permit in hand.


I take lots of electronics on these journeys, all the better to stay in touch with you. This includes, satellite telephones, mobile telephones, inReach satellite messaging devices, i-Pads, solar chargers, still photo cameras, video cameras and Go Pro cameras. So far, everything checks out AOK.

Burke-Khang Lift-Off

Tomorrow, I’m up a 6 am to get ready for a 7:30 am flight to Lukla. This flight is always exhilarating because Lukla is the most dangerous and deadly airport in the world. Once in Lukla, I’ll start the solo 50-mile trek to Burke Khang.

My next report will be from the village of Phakding.

I just can’t believe I’m back in Nepal for the 12th time in 12 years.


Our Queens Garden apartment in Hong Kong.
Our Queens Garden apartment in Hong Kong
Stanley Market in HK
Stanley Market in HK
Stanley Market in HK
Stanley Market in HK
Victoria Harbor
Victoria Harbor
The mid-level apartments overlooking Victoria Harbor
The mid-level apartments overlooking Victoria Harbor


One of our favorite restaurants
One of our favorite restaurants
Bill having breakfast at the Yak & Yeti
Bill having breakfast at the Yak & Yeti
Bill with the Ministry Official
Bill with the Ministry Official
Bill at the Ministry
Bill at the Ministry
Bill at the Ministry
Bill at the Ministry
The Permit
The Permit




13 thoughts on “Greetings From Kathmandu

  1. Bill,

    Myself and my family wish you the very best of luck into Lukla and the trek beyond. The journey begins eh?

    I am SO Looking forward to this !! – You are my very own inspiration!!

    God Speed & Take care.

    Tim in the UK.

  2. Godspeed to all of you. I have been a long time follower from afar and all my good wishes go out to you now and always.

    I just attend a Delta Air Lines seminar where I was asked who was a hero to me and I briefly shared your name and story. Everyone was astonished!

    All this and a Lebowski fan too! This confirms everything.

    All systems go and safe journey,

    Priscilla Ferreira

    Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic team
    SeaTac International Airport

    Seattle, Washington

  3. I’d rather be with the luggage below than next to someone with an “upper respiratory problem”. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    “La La Land” did not get Best Picture, but I never watch the Oscars. I heard there was a major malfunction with the handing out of the Best Picture Oscar. So many of these actors I find obnoxious.

    Off to a good start! Maybe you can hit Fire and Ice Pizza on the way back.

  4. Greetings and blessings Bill. Yes, you are off to a fabulous start of this grand Burke-Khang adventure. Your trek from Lula to Gokyo should be magical–so much raw, natural beauty. Enjoy the 50 mile acclimatization trek.


  5. Bill…looking great and the breakfast at the Yak & Yeti brings back great memories. Everything going great so far and enjoy the first few days on the trail…nice and easy.


  6. I am so excited for you on this special journey, more so than any other year. I’ve been following the ups and downs (pardon the pun) of your adventures since your summit in 2009. From the very beginning I’ve considered you an inspiration. I really hope your trip continues perfectly and you get the best birthday gift possible. Enjoy every moment. I’ll abide until your next post.



  7. Many prayers for you and your amazing team. Persistant, positive and always looking ahead! All the best to “third is a charm” hike!

  8. Bill, haven’t talked to you in a while but I still love following your adventures on 8 summits. Good luck on getting up Burke-Khang, but make sure you’re safe, I know you know that, but we still have Colorado 14ers to climb. We still have to get Long’s Peak. Jill and I wish you the best and I’m sue you will have another great trip no matter what. I would love to talk after you get back so either give me a call or I’ll try you…….

  9. Hi Bill….. I had to wait a couple of days to read your blog, as I was savouring the experience, for today, Sunday March 5th.

    By the time you read this note, you will be in Phakding.

    God speed ahead… just know that there are MANY of us out there, sending prayers of a safe journey and climb to the top of Burke-Khang, and then the return back to home.

    I loved your comment about ‘Making Nepal Great Again’…that made me smile, because there is real truth in that statement. I have to admit that I was just a wee bit envious of the fact that you have now made your 12th trip to Nepal in 12 years. You are setting the bar high here, but this gal is going to get there, one way or another for my very first visit and trekking experience.

    What a way to celebrate your 75th BIRTHDAY…. I will have to aim for being there on my 65th..only 2 years away…what an exciting thought! I have some serious training to do for that.

    Looking forward to your reports.

    Over & Out for now, from Alana in CANADA!

  10. I will be hanging on every word. You are such a special person, just a great inspiration, my best to you and your team always.
    My favorite movie of the season was ‘Hidden Figures’, NASA’s hidden women of color.

    Carol A [near costa mesa]

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