The Trip is Off

March 17, 2017

From his daughter Lisa- These short messages came in this morning:

  • Starting to snow just as we leave
  •  Im coming home. This morning I was dressed and ready to go up.
  • Still no weather report from Fagin. I did one more check before we started up. It came.
  • Mikes report-10 days bad weather So I called off the climb. Cper to Lukla tomorrow
  • Sorry. I love you.

Sorry? No apology needed! I hope my dad is not too disappointed about having to abort this trip, but as his daughter who was openly against it, I am relieved and happy that he and his team are headed home.

While my dad was on this trip, my mom received their results from DNA testing via with a full report of what their ethnic mix is. To all of our surprise, my dad is 47% Irish. We had no idea we had any Irish in our family. So here on our first St. Patrick’s Day knowing we are a partly Irish clan, we get the news he is headed home safe and sound. If that’s what they call “the luck of the Irish”- I will take it!  As my mom said- If the Irish genes came from his mother, she pulled some strings in heaven with that bad weather. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!



32 thoughts on “The Trip is Off

  1. He has already accomplished so much more than anyone else I know, yet alone someone of his age. He is outstanding and remarkable, nothing else needs to be said.
    I, too, am happy he is going home.
    Maybe ready for some beach time?

    of the Newport Mesa area.

  2. Lisa, thanks for the welcome post. It’s interesting to learn of Bill’s Irish genes, but I wouldn’t attribute forces that foiled his latest attempt to any sort of reverse “luck”. Rather, once again, in light of Mother Nature’s capricious whims, I’m impressed with Bill’s wise judgement and rational decision making, overcoming a tremendous motivation to summit Burke Khang. No doubt, Bill will continue inspiring us with more adventures ahead. Well done, Bill.
    BTW, 23andMe shows I’m of Korean descent, though I consider myself half Irish, too; hence the name
    Happy St. Pat’s Day!

  3. this is GREAT news! an answer to prayer really… my prayer has been for a safe return home for Mr. Burke and his team… it did not occur to me that it would be before the summit was reached… but in my mind and in my heart, Mr. Burke has already made this summit. I know your family is thrilled to have you come home and spend your birthday with them at sea level! hugs to all the Burke family!

  4. Well hope you out ok with decision I believe your beloved mother was watching over you and said Billy time to go home and be with your family You should be so prou d of what you have accomplished becareful anc be safe. The Pearson family

  5. Bill,

    There could never be a disheartening moment safe in the knowledge that you are coming home to loved ones–and in time to celebrate Sharon’s birthday and your birthday!



  6. Glad you decided to let your good judgement prevail, Bill!
    Come home safe.
    You are an inspiration to many of your admirers.
    Looking forward to hearing of your next adventure. But first get some well earned rest.

  7. Very proud of you Bill. This had to be a difficult yet easy decision with the conditions. Let me suggest that when you post the recap, you leave off the customary section we all add about insights, regrets, could of/should of/would of, and what’s next.

    Let this experience sink in, think deeply and when YOU are ready, give us an update, if ever.

    Climb On my friend, Climb On!


  8. To Wm Fred Baty, I have to say that I absolutely have never heard the phrase coined, as you put it, so beautifully…that ‘Disappointment is always superior to Disaster’. I really could have used that, for several situations in my life. It will always stay with me now.

    To Bill: I have to admit that I am so damned relieved that you, continued to use such common sense, again, when it required such a decision. But that is exactly why you are still alive, while others did not make it down their mountains of choice. So on that note, have an incredible 75th Birthday and just know that you are held, with such admiration, inspiration and motivation, in my eyes, for me to get on with life, and make my wildest dreams a reality.

  9. Bill,

    A rejuvenating adventure, nonetheless. Your good friends there were happy to have seen you and experience your goodwill. Darn weather has been a problem all over the world!

  10. All is well that ends well. Bill, you have more than earned your mounting-climbing retirement and with honors galore. Enjoy your family and friends. There is no mountain high enough to compete with them. Can’t say enough for all the support of your family and friends. How lucky could you have been knowing you had their support, whether agreeing with your adventures or not.

  11. Dear Bill,

    Another AMAZING Burke-Khang adventure- Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us here- loved the great article and interview about you by Alan Arnette and all of the stories, pictures, and updates…

    And thanks to your wonderful family for sharing YOU. Have a safe trip home!

    It’s still the 19th here in Western Canada:

    Happy Birthday! Lá Breithe Shona dhuit!

    ( I’m a wee bit Irish myself 🙂 )

    All the best Bill!

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