March 17, 2017

From his daughter Lisa- These short messages came in this morning:

  • Starting to snow just as we leave
  •  Im coming home. This morning I was dressed and ready to go up.
  • Still no weather report from Fagin. I did one more check before we started up. It came.
  • Mikes report-10 days bad weather So I called off the climb. Cper to Lukla tomorrow
  • Sorry. I love you.

Sorry? No apology needed! I hope my dad is not too disappointed about having to abort this trip, but as his daughter who was openly against it, I am relieved and happy that he and his team are headed home.

While my dad was on this trip, my mom received their results from DNA testing via with a full report of what their ethnic mix is. To all of our surprise, my dad is 47% Irish. We had no idea we had any Irish in our family. So here on our first St. Patrick’s Day knowing we are a partly Irish clan, we get the news he is headed home safe and sound. If that’s what they call “the luck of the Irish”- I will take it!  As my mom said- If the Irish genes came from his mother, she pulled some strings in heaven with that bad weather. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!