Costa Mesa, Ca.

September 14, 2017

Dear Family & Friends:

Here is the Burke-Khang climbing, trekking and filming team.



Noel Hanna

Noel and I became good friends in 2010 when I met him on the North side of Mt. Everest. He was the lead guide for Seven Summits Club and I was on an unguided Everest climb. There was an immediate bond between us because he hails from Ireland and I am 47% Irish.

Noel has summitted Mt. Everest eight times (twice with his wife, Lynne) and has led many clients to the Top of the World. Noel has completed the 7 Summits with a twist that has never been repeated: after each summit, he returned to sea level by foot! Noel is an ultra athlete. He has competed in dozens of the world’s most extreme adventure races, with podium finishes and accomplishments that put him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Noel joined the Irish Police force in 1987 and served for nearly 15 years at the frontline of the civil unrest that troubled Northern Ireland for many years. He served in an anti-terror unit and later finished his service in the K-9 Unit where he and his dog, “Tango,” were three-time winners of the Irish Police Force Biathlon (a competitive shooting course for officers and their beloved canine companions).

Noel has organized and participated in many events that have raised money for a variety of charitable causes.

Micah Kershner

Micah is a veteran mountaineer. His resume includes climbs in the Himalaya, Andes and Alps. In 2013, he climbed Mt. Everest from the North (Tibet) side. Micah and Noel have climbed Mont Blanc in France and just finished climbing the Matterhorn, via the more difficult Italian side, and the East Ridge of Monviso in Italy. Micah is an avid photographer and sportsman whose interests include fishing, biking, scuba and free-diving. He has lived and worked in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Diana.

Bill Burke

Pretty much an unknown, amateur climber.


Richard W. Adler

Richard describes himself as a true dilettante–a jack of all trades and master of none. Despite this admirable modesty, he has a most interesting and colorful backstory. Consider the fact that Richard has

–been on CNBC as the featured guest of the program “How to Run a Seasonal Business” (Richard’s Dad is Kurt Adler, considered the “Father of Post-WWII Christmas”)

–decorated The highest Christmas tree in the world (atop the World Trade Center)

–been ranked nationally in tennis and ping-pong

–biked across the country

–explored 70 countries (soon to be 71)

–had 7 knee operations

–delighted audiences as an amateur pianist and song and dance man

–perfected the art of amateur plein air painting, and

–been licensed as a New York City tour guide (usually by bike)

Richard has three children and is married to Pascale.


Jeff Oppenhiem

Jeff is producing the Burke-Khang documentary film.

Jeff has over 25-years experience in producing and directing films, documentaries, and commercials as well as theatre concerts, live events and major campaigns. Jeff’s commercials include Bebe, Versace, Seagrams, American Express and Concordia. He has created content and branding strategies for the Queens Museum of Art. In 2010-2011, he worked with Mayor Bloomberg’s office to create and co-produce STAT! for New York City’s Public Hospitals. Jeff also served as line producer for the live stream broadcast of Lincoln Center’s 2015 Outdoor Festival and its Mostly Mozart/A Little Night music series. Jeff has produced feature films, including Funny Valentine, A Passion for Giving and, most recently Real Fake: The Art Life & Crimes of Elmyr de Hory. You can sample some of Jeff’s work on his website: Jeff has two children and is married to Djida.

Alex Buisse

Alex is working as Jeff’s photographer for the film project.

Alex walks the walk when it comes to capturing adventure and lifestyle imagery. He lives, breathes and takes active part in the variety of assignments and personal projects he undertakes. His expedition photography has led him around the world. The mountains are where Alex is most comfortable, and where he thrives as both an image maker and an alpinist. Alex has sailed an expedition yacht around Cape Horn, climbed a granite spire alone for 4 days, named three mountains in Greenland, shot the Rio Olympics, skied to the North Pole, climbed high on K2, flown from the summits of snowy peaks, trekked through the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego and kayaked with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, among many other adventures. You can view some of Alex’s stunning photography at

Alex is based out of Chamonix, France, also known as the mountaineering capital of the world. He is recently married to Erin from Virginia. For his marriage vows, Erin required Alex to pledge lifelong allegiance to the Penn State Nittany Lions.

You will find the trekking and climbing Itinerary in the next post.

Chris Davison

Chris is a multi-talented media star. He is also our NewYork/New Jersey Base Camp Manager.

Chris is a veteran of the film and television industry, both in the United States and Europe. His film and television credits include Madigan Men, Talk to Me, Love is a Private Matter and Tribute to Ellington. Chris also served as the European Union Associate Producer for West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with Decca Records, for which he traveled throughout the Middle East with Maestro Barenboim and Professor Edward Said to help establish the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Weimar, Germany.


Ironman Noel


Micah on the summit of the Matterhorn


Richard & Diana, Micah’s wife


Producer Jeff


Photographer Alex at the North Pole


Chris on location at Ollie’s home