Summit on Burke-Khang!

Last night my mom received 2 texts  from Dawa Steven, the head of Asian Trekking, regarding the status of the Burke-Khang Expedition:

-First text from Dawa: “Hi Sharon. Just got word from Alex at Base Camp. Noel and 3 Sherpa’s heading for the summit today. Micah is at camp 2. Bill and 1 sherpa are at Camp 1 resting. Bill will not attempt to climb any higher. If summit team are successful today, they and Micah will descend to Camp 1 and the whole team will return to base camp tomorrow. Likely that they will all fly by chopper back to KTM on Saturday” 

-Second text from Dawa:  “Congratulation! Noel, Naga, Pemba and Sonam summited Burke Khang at 12:05 Nepal time today on 5th October 2017. They are now coming down the mountain. Team have asked to be picked up at base camp on 7th October to be brought back to Kathmandu”

So my dad did not make the summit, but we know he will be pleased Burke-Khang was summitted by his good friend and team, while he waited on the mountain. We haven’t heard from him and assume it has to do with his satellite phone (we are by now used to technical difficulties and try to worry too much).  We hope to hear from him soon!




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  1. Thanks for the welcome update, Lisa. Great to hear the team reached the summit. Looking forward to Bill’s follow up report. Whatever the decision making demanded, I’m sure it was the wisest and best by Bill, under very challenging circumstances. k;-)

  2. On one hand I am saddened that Bill didn’t make the summit but I know he always makes the absolute right decisions. On the other, the fact that team summited Burke Khang, is an incredible accomplishment and a tribute to Bill as well as the entire team. Well done!!

  3. The most important thing is and always will be the “journey”…Burke Khang is forever a testament to an incredible human being and a very supportive family. I know Ollie has a smile on his face and can’t wait till grampa takes him on his next ride. Hope bill celebrates at the Yak & Yeti with regular Coke.
    “One step at time” and “keep on keeping!”
    Love ya,
    John Dahlem

    1. John, my thanks to you and your son for your excellent advice on climbing Everest.

      Bill had put me on the first Burke-Khang team in 2015, but I had to decline.

      My regret is the great people on that team I never met.


  4. Great news!
    After I was team member in 2015 and last year video, Burke Khang was close to my understanding of unclimbable mountain.
    And now, of course – I couldn’t be happier to be wrong!
    Congratulations to the entire team!
    Although Bill didn’t make the summit, but I am sure he will be very satisfied – Burke Khang is summited by his team and good friends.
    I can’t wait to see the photos and video!
    Fantastic job!

  5. Good to hear Lisa! I’m happy your dad will be on his way home soon, and that his friend was able to summit Burke-Khang! I’ve enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures from your dad’s adventure. Good News!!! Congrats to all!

  6. So glad this achievement is done congrats to all Bill you might not of been on the summit but you were there with them and god was with everyone we are so proud and happy for you Can’t wait for you to get home and hear everything and see some wonderful pictures too

  7. Congratulations. It was a team effort and ALL of the team deserve credit. It never would have happened had a mountain not been named after you. You are a marvelous example to all that common sense is a necessary part of successful climbing. I look forward to following you on your next adventure. Best wishes.

  8. Hi Bill,

    Thanks to you, your namesake Burke – Kang has been successfully climbed .Your team did it with you as the leader and climber of of this great accomplishment .Burke – Kang formerly known as an unnamed obscure mountain which could not be climbed to its summit because of extreme danger and difficulty involved in such an endeavor. It is now on the map named and climbed because of your efforts and accomplishments.I know you don’t like to leave any unfinished business behind you.I think you have finished this business ,a really big deal for anyone at any age period.

  9. Bill:
    Congratulations to you and your team. You did it: You and your team beat the mountain. Looking forward to your videos. Praying for safe travel home for you and the team.

  10. Learning something new every time I turn a year older had been a personal commitment to better myself. Two years ago, I committed to hiking, something I never thought of doing. Then a year ago, I committed to conquering my fears by bagging peaks. This November, as I turn 47, I thought I could embark on something more advanced: mountaineering. Just like the previous years and because I am so scared of and intimidated by it, I enrolled in a class that begins in January of next year. I’ve been reading and watching different sources to help alleviate by fears. And today, I encountered your dad’s story through his documentary, Eight Summits, which led me to research more about him and my heart melted to learn that a mountain was named after him! To top it all off, your dad’s team just summitted Burke-Khang! What a tremendous accomplishment and blessing! Congratulations to him and his team (including you and your family)!

    Your dad may not know me and I may have just learned about him only now, but he’s not only inspired me, he’s touched my life in an indescribable way at the time I needed it most. Please thank him (and your family) for me! I pray that you hear back from him very soon.

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