Last night my mom received 2 texts  from Dawa Steven, the head of Asian Trekking, regarding the status of the Burke-Khang Expedition:

-First text from Dawa: “Hi Sharon. Just got word from Alex at Base Camp. Noel and 3 Sherpa’s heading for the summit today. Micah is at camp 2. Bill and 1 sherpa are at Camp 1 resting. Bill will not attempt to climb any higher. If summit team are successful today, they and Micah will descend to Camp 1 and the whole team will return to base camp tomorrow. Likely that they will all fly by chopper back to KTM on Saturday” 

-Second text from Dawa:  “Congratulation! Noel, Naga, Pemba and Sonam summited Burke Khang at 12:05 Nepal time today on 5th October 2017. They are now coming down the mountain. Team have asked to be picked up at base camp on 7th October to be brought back to Kathmandu”

So my dad did not make the summit, but we know he will be pleased Burke-Khang was summitted by his good friend and team, while he waited on the mountain. We haven’t heard from him and assume it has to do with his satellite phone (we are by now used to technical difficulties and try to worry too much).  We hope to hear from him soon!