Dear Family & Friends:

Attached is a full-length movie of the Autumn, 2017 “First Ascent of Burke Khang.” The movie documents the entire adventure, starting in Costa Mesa, traveling to Kathmandu, trekking 50+ miles to Burke Khang Base Camp, ascending to the summit of Burke Khang and returning to Costa Mesa.

I am especially pleased with this movie. The movie will give you a good idea of what is involved in the first ascent of an unclimbed mountain in the fabled Himalaya Mountain Range. It will also inform you of the toll high altitude mountaineering takes on the family of alpine climbers. The film is long, so you may want to break down your viewing of the movie into bite-size pieces.

This is a legacy project for family & friends. It is not the commercial movie, which is still under production. The commercial movie is about my life with Ollie, in which the mountains I have climbed serve as a metaphor for overcoming physical obstacles in life. My 3,627 mile motorcycle road trip with Ollie this summer is still in the planning stage, and will be part of the movie.

I am just starting another super-exciting “Climb of the Seven Summits” project. This is a teaser announcement. More to follow as this takes shape.

Have a great and adventurous 2018 summer.