Burke Khang Full Length Movie

Dear Family & Friends:

Attached is a full-length movie of the Autumn, 2017 “First Ascent of Burke Khang.” The movie documents the entire adventure, starting in Costa Mesa, traveling to Kathmandu, trekking 50+ miles to Burke Khang Base Camp, ascending to the summit of Burke Khang and returning to Costa Mesa.

I am especially pleased with this movie. The movie will give you a good idea of what is involved in the first ascent of an unclimbed mountain in the fabled Himalaya Mountain Range. It will also inform you of the toll high altitude mountaineering takes on the family of alpine climbers. The film is long, so you may want to break down your viewing of the movie into bite-size pieces.

This is a legacy project for family & friends. It is not the commercial movie, which is still under production. The commercial movie is about my life with Ollie, in which the mountains I have climbed serve as a metaphor for overcoming physical obstacles in life. My 3,627 mile motorcycle road trip with Ollie this summer is still in the planning stage, and will be part of the movie.

I am just starting another super-exciting “Climb of the Seven Summits” project. This is a teaser announcement. More to follow as this takes shape.

Have a great and adventurous 2018 summer.



12 thoughts on “Burke Khang Full Length Movie

  1. Hi Bill,
    Great to hear from you, haven’t read your post or watched the video yet (busy with work) but I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ in advance! I have been so looking forward to seeing it and will saver it later with headphones in and a nice hot drink.
    Thank you sir.

  2. WOW…….astounding feat…….i was totally enthralled the entire movie….between holding my breath, wiping sweaty palms and crying tears of joy…..Thanks for ‘taking me along’….. a feat i could never experience outside of you sharing this magnificent trip………

  3. Just finished watching the fantastic movie. I really enjoyed the film and just plan unbelievable. I would love to meet for coffee again sometime in NB. Please keep in touch and my memories of last October being there in Katmandu and reading your summit account was such a treat in the local paper which you now have for your history book. Your friend, Pat

  4. Bill,
    Thank you for taking us along for your latest adventure! You inspire us! I am sure Ollie and your family are relieved that Burke Khang has been conquered. We look forward to your next challenge! God Bless you … your family… and your climbing team! – The Iceman

  5. Hi Bill,
    ‘Unbelievable’; Truly great film and footage, summit ridge line looked set to collapse at any time.
    Thank you Bill, exceptional film. (Please don’t except any more named after you, I don’t think my heart can take it!!).
    Tim in the UK

  6. Having trekked for 90 days in Nepal, including Gokyo Ri and EBC twice, I thoroughly enjoyed your film just now, Bill. The footage at the summit was very interesting and showed how challenging it was on summit day. Congratulations to your team for the successful summit. And warm wishes to you as you pursue more items on your bucket list.

  7. Bill,
    I’m sure it was tough not being able to summit the mountain that was named after you. But maybe someone was watching out this time. I know you were very happy to be with someone who did summit. Hope you don’t feel like you failed. You have accomplished things that some people will never do in a lifetime. I admire your courage, strength and the love you have for things you enjoy.

    God bless

  8. Bill,
    Just got around to watching the video. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe you didn’t make it but your team did and everyone came home safely. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  9. Bill

    What an amazing 90-minutes on Burke-Khang. Thank you for making it happen. At 75, I still hike and trek the Bavarian Alps twice a year and can relate to your love of the Himalayas. Your love of family, Ollie, and the mountains are a true inspiration to me. Keep moving as they say…

    Best wishes

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