Papa & Ollie’s Grand Summer Motorcycle Tour

Costa Mesa, Ca.

August 1, 2018

Dear Family & Friends:

My best friend, Ollie, has turned 18.

In September of 2012, I added a side car to my 1998 Harley Davidson Road King Classic motorcycle. My dream was to take Ollie on road trips to visit national parks in our great country. This summer, I will make that dream come true. In August, I will take Ollie on a 15-day, 3,217 mile motorcycle trip to visit 7 national parks in 6 states. The trip will end on September 1 with a welcome home party at Cook’s Corner, a motorcycle restaurant/bar in Trabuco Hills, California. Several motorcycle clubs will join us for the ride-in to Cook’s Corner. Feel free to join the party.

A motorhome will follow us for emergencies and filming. The filming will include stops along the way to visit and interview special needs children and their families so their stories can be told. Motorcycle clubs will join us for the ride into major cities. My drone will be used for overhead filming.

This trip is part of a larger project, which is a feature length film about “Life with Ollie.” The purpose of the film is to inspire viewers to reach beyond their grasp, venture outside their comfort zone and help others, especially special needs children, do the same so they can live full, happy and satisfying lives. The mountains I have climbed will serve as a metaphor for setting big goals in life and overcoming physical obstacles.

Watch for daily trip reports on my website. I hope you will follow this adventure, pray for our safety and cheer us on.

Bill Burke

Trip Itinerary

15 days

6 states

7 National Parks

3,217 miles

August 18: Costa Mesa to Las Vegas, Nev.-276 miles

August 19: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, Az.-276 miles

August 20: Grand Canyon-Zion National Park, Ut.-284 miles

August 21: Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park

to Marysvale, Ut.-190 miles

August 22: Marysvale to Provo, Ut.-147 miles

August 23: Provo to Jackson, Wy.-291 miles

August 24: Jackson to Yellowstone National Park, Wy.-80 miles

August 25: Yellowstone National Park

August 26: Yellowstone National Park to Twin Falls, Id.-316 miles

August 27: Twin Falls to Battle Mtn., Nev.-233 miles

August 28: Battle Mtn. to Lee Vining, Cal.-270 miles

August 29: Lee Vining to Yosemite National Park, Ca.-206 miles

August 30: Yosemite National Park to Bakersfield, Ca.-202 miles

August 31: Bakersfield to Death Valley National Park-Ca.-218 miles

September 1: Death Valley National Park to Costa Mesa, Ca. 303 miles





32 thoughts on “Papa & Ollie’s Grand Summer Motorcycle Tour

  1. Wow! I got chills ( and a little teary eyed ) reading about your trip with Ollie. I wish you safe travels and many memories of what sounds like a trip of a lifetime.

  2. Bon Voyage, The Bill & Olie ……Team Adventure! Looks like a great itenery…. inspiring the country, what a wonderful contribution! Sure to be a fabulous journey!
    Will be tuned in for sure…

  3. Wow!
    Bill, you are an inspiration in so many ways! I bet you and Ollie will have the time of your lives together on this amazing adventure! Enjoy every minute of this precious quality time together!❤️

  4. The Burke Khang movie was fantastic. What a fantastic adventure, and what a team you have.We are looking forward to your next adventure with Ollie.
    We pray that GOD continues to bless you as HE has all these years.

  5. Dear Bill,

    I feel so remiss in congratulating you and your team for climbing your mountain, an amazing achievement! I absolutely loved the movie, and seeing and listening to your wonderful family, so good to hear all of their perspectives.

    My autistic son loves that sidecar 🙂

    I have always deeply admired you for your drive, determination and hugely loving spirit, Bill. Ollie will always have a special place in our hearts here; wishing you both a fun filled and awesome adventure!

    Best wishes and Cheer from Canada!!

  6. My heart sings joyously for this wonderful trip with your beautiful Ollie……..maybe you can even meet my Grandson Ean who now lives in American Fork, Utah with his delightful Mother. This is going to top all your other adventures, I’m sure…..Vaya con Dios

  7. Dear Bill..not only will you take Ollie’s eyes on this incredible trip but all of ours that have been with you on all your other adventures. Your gift of giving goes further than you could imagine reaching into all our hearts and minds with the sights and senses you share. Thank you for this next trip. God protect and lead you all the way.

  8. Soooooo AWESOME!! <3 Amazing Bill Burke & Ollie God speed in your adventure of a lifetime may you find blessings around every corner enjoy every breath!! Maybe will cross paths with you along the way!! Praise God!!

  9. Bill&Ollie” SOo XCited for Uu to ShARe THiS AweSum AdVv in your Harley”sideCar Planned Tour’thru’Natn.Parks’AMeRiCa so AMaZinG,PRaiSe GoD EVeRy MiLe,SaFely in BreaTHTaKing ViEw on Cycle”

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