Motorcycle Trip Update

August 17, 2018

Costa Mesa, Ca.

Dear Family & Friends:

I have cancelled my summer motorcycle trip with Ollie because of the fires and smoke in the Southwest.

Please pray for the families and firefighters as they battle these fires.



8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Trip Update

  1. Understand Bill have been so worried about this trip and all the conditions involved so sorry for both you and Ollie you had it planned so well for you two but not the right time it will happen when it’s right

  2. Bill, sorry you can’t do the trip as planned — I know you were really looking forward to it. Hopefully, its just a delay and you’ll get to do it another time. I’m sure you’re already cooking up an alternative. Best wishes to you and the family, John

  3. Hi Bill,
    Was just up in Sturgis, SD, among a half million bikers, and thought of you. Though your plans have changed, I’m sure you and Ollie will share quality time together with another activity. Life is about being flexible and adjusting!
    Warm regards,

  4. Bill, your decision to cancel the trip with Ollie was most likely a wise one. The air quality in the north certainly is bad at this time. Also in other nearby states
    Bless you Bill

  5. Watching your movie has really inspired me. I was born disabled, but I have tried to never let it hold me back. But as I have justed turned 60 this year and facing more surgeries and more pain. I find myself very insprired by your story and Ollies and it has made me more determined to not hold me back on my dreams. Even though my dreams are much smaller then climbing mountains.I just wanted to thank you and hope that your dream of climbing your mountain will be succcessful.

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