Mississippi River Update

July 30, 2019
Location: Drifting down the Mississippi River just outside of Bemidji, Minnesota.


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Headwaters to the Mississippi River


16 thoughts on “Mississippi River Update

  1. Nice post on your adventure, Bill. A few weeks ago, I was in the Midwest and thought about you, while crossing the wide Mississippi at St. Louis, in a memorial procession for another “Bill”. William Klasing died on Dec. 7, 1941, as a sailor aboard the USS Oklahoma. Only this past February were his remains positively identified. Turned out that his closest living relative is my high school classmate, Diane. I promised her that I’d attend Uncle Billy’s funeral and I did. When you pass by The Gateway Arch, look to the east and salute, William Klasing who is now resting in peace in his hometown, Trenton, Illinois. Photos of Uncle Billy and his memorial are posted here:

    Keep us updated on your watery journey down the Ol’ Man River and have fun!


  2. Sounds like you are making great time so far. I was glad to hear of you teaming up at least for awhile to get going. Who knows maybe that will be your “Mississippi Family” all the way. Stay safe. It is fun to look up the places on Google maps that you mentioned.


  3. Great, clear audio. So glad you have good company for this adventure.
    I would have never guessed those top pics were the mighty Mississippi River. 😆 Take care, Gods speed Bill. Can’t wait for the next update.

    Janet and Kim

  4. Sounds great Bill and so glad that you are enjoying the journey. Glad that you got through the beaver ponds and had a nice shower. Nice to hear too that you are surfing the waves as you move down the river….need a Nepali porter to help on the portage obstacles! “Keep on keeping!”

  5. Wowee !!! bill, good progress. I didn’t want to spoil the fun alerting you to the reeds you’d have to

    search through to get out of Paul Bunyan and Babe territory. That was a challenge. ..huh?

    Glad you stayed in Hotel as your beard will soon look like your partners. I am proud you made it through lakes safely. Stay near shore is again my advice, as now there are 3 and more probability of one going over in wind if waves get bigger. Safety first, you are already on the adventure. mikebudd

  6. Excited to follow your journey! Bemidji is where my dad’d Family had a home and have fond memories! Not nearly as adventurous as yours!
    In my thoughts & prayers,

  7. What an experience! I’m originally from Bemidji and know that lake like the back of my hand. Grew up there from 7 years old until 26, it’s a beautiful area with wonderful people. Wishing you a safe journey!!

  8. Bill,
    Your trip looks and soundsbl ike such a beautiful experience. Continued health and good weather throughout your journey. The narrative makes you feel like we are with you keep them coming.

    All th best.


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