Haytmen Landing, Iowa
August 25, 2019

Dear Family & Friends:

On August 24 , I was back on the River at 2pm, paddling into stiff headwinds. The wind and heavy weekend River traffic put me in some very turbulent waters, with four foot swells, whitecaps and tricky cross currents. I felt like I was in the fast cycle of a washing machine. A power boat pulled up next to me and the occupants commented on my bravery for canoeing in these conditions. But, my canoe handled the waves and wakes really well. I never felt like I was out of control or close to capsizing.

After paddling about 20 miles, it was getting dark, so I decided to pull out at Genoa, Wisconsin right before Lock & Dam No. 8. I locked my canoe at a dock and walked into town to find a restaurant and/or motel.  I ordered a pizza at Rudy’s Bar. As luck would have it, they rent rooms above the bar for $20/night. I stayed in room number five. The king-size bed filled the entire matchbox-size room. Not the Charmant, but it worked for me.

In the morning, I had breakfast at the Big River Bar & Grille. I wish I had known about this restaurant when I ordered that pizza.

August 25 was my last day in Minnesota. I got back on the River at 8:30am and entered Lock No. 8 for the elevator ride downstream. This was a really tough day. I was battling 10-15 mph headwinds and the waves were really rough. If I stopped paddling to rest, the canoe would slowly turn around and head upstream! In the morning, it rained, but no lightning, so I forged ahead.

About three hours after departing Genoa, I exited Minnesota and entered Iowa. So, now Iowa is on the right bank and Wisconsin is on the left bank. In the afternoon, I paddled into Lake Winneshiek. This is a huge lake, comparable to those I crossed in Minnesota. As previously noted, I don’t like paddling in lakes.

At 6pm, I pulled out at Haytmen Landing, Iowa and set up camp. I hope I don’t get booted from this stealth camp. I’m done for the day.

Tomorrow, I hope to cross the Lake and get back on the River. But, the forecast is calling for an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Not happy news.

This was a 26- mile day.

It’s starting to rain.


Deluxe Suite


Campsite on August 25

Rudy’s Bar

Rudy’s Bar