Bell City, Missouri
September 24, 2019

Dear Family & Friends:

I launched from Cape Girardeau at 10am into a swift current with the wind at my back. It was my best River day of the trip. Eight and one-half hours later, I arrived in Cairo, Illinois. This was a 52-mile day! I also reached my second milestone since I now have less than 1,000 miles to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, I ran into Steve paddling his 10-foot Wallmart canoe.

Today, after a few minutes of paddling, I will enter the confluence of the Ohio River and the Mississippi River and I will put Illinois in the rear view mirror. Kentucky will be on my Port side and Missouri will still be on my Starboard side.  I expect the current to pick up significantly when the Ohio merges with the Mississippi.

Phil met me along the Missouri bank at the terminus of my trip. We hid my canoe in the bushes and he drove me to his restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri. Jeremiah Restaurant was once a first-class hotel-Hotel Del Rey. Bill, Stacy and Mike joined us for a fabulous dinner.

After dinner, Phil drove us to his working farm in Bell City, Missouri. We sat in front of a bonfire and listened to the St. Louis Cardinal game on the radio. What a fun evening.

I hope to arrive in Memphis, Tennessee on Tuesday where some of my family will greet me.


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Departing Cape Girardeau

Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge at Cape Girardeau

End of the day


The confluence of the Ohio River (L) and the Mississippi River (R)